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Allen’s New Stadium May Need To Be Torn Down

What does $60 million of wasted tax dollars look like? Drive on over to Allen Eagle stadium for an up-close look. The football mega-complex in Allen ISD that makes most college athletic departments blush has been closed due to safety concerns less than two years since it officially opened to the public. Now, experts say […]

By |March 13, 2014
“Healthy Food Zones” Are Unhealthy Policy

Whether the Austin City Council is banning plastic bags from businesses or attempting to monitor your food choices, they seem to think they know what’s best. This past Thursday, council members considered a resolution that would have led to the prohibition of fast food restaurants “that are located in proximity to schools, parks, child care […]

By |November 25, 2013
San Antonio jumping on the "Ban" wagon

The War on Bags has conquered Austin and Brownsville and is now moving down to the city of San Antonio. The Alamo city’s freedom to use single-use plastic bags may be sacked by council members who will come forward to the public on Tuesday with their proposal. Cris Medina, District 7 Councilman, is the main […]

By |November 23, 2013
Bag Ban Coming to Big D?

Dallas City Council members are still debating on an ordinance that will fix what they call a “dire litter problem” that plastic grocery bags are apparently making in their city.  By the end of the calendar year, the Council may finally need to decide if Dallas will join the ranks of nanny-statism and infringe upon […]

By |November 5, 2013
Houston ISD’s Hands Are In The Taxpayer Cookie Jar Again

Houston ISD did it again. Taxpayers in the state’s largest school district can look forward to another tax increase, just on the heels of a separate tax hike set to phase in by 2017. In 2012 voters approved a Houston ISD Board of Trustees recommendation of a $1.9 billion bond for the city’s aging high schools. This bond […]

By |October 22, 2013
School Bonds Also On The Ballot

There may not be very many high-profile races to vote on this coming November election, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t important decisions for taxpayers to decide at the ballot box. In addition to the proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution (you can view our positions and recommendations here), voters in several districts will decide […]

By |October 21, 2013
Wasting Money While You Wait

Tomorrow the Austin City Council will take it upon itself to decide if $355,000 of your tax dollars should be spent on an art project for a new cell phone waiting lot at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). It seems ABIA already has a perfectly functional cell phone waiting lot, however the city council and the […]

By |September 25, 2013