It’s Just $900 Million

State Rep. Linda Harper-Brown of Irving is at it again. She’s worried taxpayers are being scammed by the mass transit authority in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. She must be crazy — taxpayers’ don’t really mind $900 million errors with their money. We work for government bureaucrats, after all.

Houston Chronicle Reports on Need for More Property Tax Relief

The Chronicle story "Homeowners still waiting for tax relief from Perry" reports most of the $2,000 promised property tax relief is evaporating due to appraisal increases, and in some school districts, rate increases. But the obstacle last session to more relief was the Legislature, not Perry.

UPDATE: Threat Against TFR

Late Friday afternoon the Austin emergency response teams and federal agencies declared the substance mailed to TFR to be mostly harmless. The TFR staff and others in their section of the building were released, after being sequestered until the powder was identified.

TFR’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan, thanked his staff for their courage and professionalism in the face of the threat.

Statement on TFR Death Threat

The president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Michael Quinn Sullivan, offered the following statement on the death threat and powdery substance he received in the mail today. In response, the building has been evacuated but the TFR staff has been asked to remain in the building.

Geren’s Obfuscation

State Rep. Charlie Geren of Fort Worth wants it both ways. While he doesn’t want his constituents to know about his anti-taxpayer ways, but he also says he isn’t to worried about being seen as a government-growing spendoholic. Scoring just 45% on the TFR Index, Geren was the second-worst Republican on taxpayer issues (only Longview’s Tommy Merritt scored worse, with a 38%). In order to obfuscate his record, Geren is now playing fast and loose with the facts. But that should not surprise us, given that he plays fast and loose with our money.

The Law Man

My travels took me to Del Rio for a speech this week, a border town in Val Verde County. I had the good fortune to chat with the sheriff, D’Wayne Jernigan. He’s true West Texas lawman who has earned the ire of the left-leaning establishment for doing his job well and right. He is going to face a tough re-election battle this year. We need more sheriffs like him, on the border and elsewhere.

Tying Taxpayers To The Rail

Supporters of “light rail” and “commuter rail” consistently over-sell and under-deliver. Not only does mass-transit fail to reduce congestion, but it is always fraught with cost-overruns and implementation delays. Such is the case in Austin, where the new toy train is going to cost taxpayers a third more than promised.

Job-Killing New Business Tax Exposed

The San Antonio Express-News reports that new National Federation of Independent Business radio ads assail the business tax that will take its first toll in May. The ads note some small businesses will see their tax burden rise by 1,000 percent over the current franchise tax.

Will Taxpayers Get Justice?

A lawsuit designed to stop counties from using taxpayer-money to lobby against taxpayers is still brewing in Williamson County. The judge last month gave taxpayers a partial victory, but those who brought the suit are hoping to convince His Honor to make modifications to the ruling that would ensure justice.