Living Word Lutheran Church—a church avidly supporting woke ideologies—will be hosting an “Affirming Afternoon” for families with gender-confused children in the Central Texas town of Buda.

The free event is intended for children with gender dysphoria and their parents, but the church has opened it up to allow anyone of any age to attend.

“Raising a child in the LGBTQIA+ community—or even wanting to be an affirming adult in the lives of your child’s friends—can be a challenge in today’s climate,” the event website says.

LWLC’s event will gather children from across Buda and encourage active participation in the LGBTQ+ community. They will then confuse children further, as far as gender and sexuality go, under the guise of “affirmation.”

They will also have a speaker come to teach parents how to be more “accepting” and “affirming” of gender confusion in their children or their children’s friends.

The church then bashes conservative Christians. “We’ve all heard the hateful, harmful Christian voices out there lately,” reads the bottom of their event flier.

“That’s not who we are,” the flier points out. “We are an affirming congregation seeking justice and equality for the LGBTQIA+ community. You are truly welcome!”

This is not the first time this church has promoted liberal ideologies and LGBTQ+ recognition, acceptance, and celebration.

Last year, LWLC collected donations for Technicolor Ministries, an “LGBTQ+ church.” LWLC worked side by side with Technicolor in encouraging wokeness and taking action to “protect” gender-confused children from legislation to ban the mutilation of children’s bodies.

Such legislation to criminalize child gender mutilation was recently sent to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to be signed into law.

Despite this bill passing, the “sexual revolution is not going to stop,” warns Austin Griesinger, policy director for Texas Family Project.

“They want to sexualize our children,” Griesinger told Texas Scorecard. “TFP will keep fighting until these groomers are no longer welcome in our state. If these grooming events continue, we will be calling on Gov. Abbott to call a special session to ban these events.”

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.