SAN MARCOS, TX – Over the weekend, San Marcos Texas Pride (SMTX Pride) hosted its ninth annual “pride festival,” featuring an “all-ages” drag show in front of the Hays County courthouse.

After the festival, a nearby establishment, Roughhouse Brewing, partnered with SMTX Pride and organized another “all-ages Pride Drag Show.” The brewery also sponsored a “Trans Exclusive Youth Pageant” event earlier in the weekend.

SMTX Pride promoted the weekend-long festival by saying, “Pride is our community way to unite in a positive stance against violence and discrimination towards our ‘Family’ in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Ally people.”

The event included a farmers market, an art fair, and live music, followed by an “all-ages” drag show in front of the courthouse.

Drag queen Chitah Daniels Kennedy hosted the show, which included Kai Lee Rimmer, Malibu Imported, and Veronica Valentine. Although marketed as “family friendly,” the show featured children handing drag queens cash and running around on stage collecting dollar bills. The Post Millennial also filmed one drag queen performing a suggestive dance after taking money from a child.

Later in the day, Roughhouse Brewing hosted the “Official After Party,” which included a drag show for “all ages” that featured drag queens Tundra Hall, Kai Lockhart, and Gina Woods. Video footage from the event showcases a drag queen making explicit comments to a father who attended the show with his young child.

The day before, Roughhouse Brewing partnered with SMTX Pride to host an event called “Phoenix Pageant: Trans-Exclusive Youth Pageant.” The event featured youth under the age of 20 cross-dressing and competing for the title of “Mx. Phoenix.” The pageant’s registration page encouraged the young contestants to use “chosen” names and pronouns to defy “outdated standards.”

“We have loads of Trans-ExcluDED beauty pageants that focus on heteronormative and cisgendered beauty standards. Why not flip this on its head? Phoenix Pageant is a Trans-ExcluSIVE pageant that shuns those outdated standards in favor of being who you really are and the beauty that comes from truth, self-love and the courage to be you.”

On SMTX Pride’s social media post advertising the “trans” youth pageant, one parent requested clarification, asking, “What is the age range of [the] youth pride event? My oldest is 12 and [it is] her 1st time officially (publicly) celebrating her pride this year.”

In response to numerous establishments hosting “all-ages” drag shows across Texas, State Rep. Bryan Slaton (R–Royse City) promised to work with Texas Family Project and create legislation banning “family-friendly” drag shows, saying events like these are “no place for children.”

Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper called for more legislation protecting children from sexualization and indoctrination.

“This kind of evil being forced on Texas children must come to an end,” said Hopper. “We are dedicated to making sure these gatherings are banned in 2023 and continue to encourage local pastors and parents to speak out against this abuse.”

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.