Angela Smith loves showing performance horses, managing a guesthouse in the heart of Texas Wine Country, and fighting to preserve America’s heritage.

Smith, born in Texarkana, Texas, didn’t expect to be involved in government. Growing up, she was simply used to working hard with her family.

“I always found some type of business in which to employ myself,” she said. “I grew up in a family business, very similar to Cavender’s Boot City. In fact, my dad now works with the Cavender family on special projects.”

Smith currently owns a guesthouse in the Fredericksburg area and will be opening another soon in Mason, Texas.

Amidst her busy life, she saw the importance of getting involved in government.

“I got interested back in 2009 when the TEA parties started up,” she said. “I volunteered online only to have someone send me $200 and tell me to get a rally going. That was my first experience at doing any kind of ‘community activism.’”

Smith launched the Fredericksburg Tea Party and now serves as its communications director and membership & events coordinator. She also helped start “First Amendment Tuesdays,” where like-minded activists from across the state gathered at the Texas Capitol to stay up to date on what was happening in the legislature and to actively engage with their lawmakers.

Smith said the reason she became involved is simple: She wants to preserve the cultural and spiritual heritage of the country she’s been blessed to live in.

“I want to protect our foundational heritage. I feel compelled spiritually to fight for and protect the Judeo-Christian heritage that our forefathers gave their lives for,” she said. “We are allowing ‘small bites of the apple’ to erode our religious liberty, our Second Amendment rights, our right to free speech—our society is encouraging a culture of death, eroding the family unit, and the list goes on.”

Smith said being involved can be a challenge from a practical standpoint, but that it’s beyond worth it to protect the values that have made our country a great place to live and prosper.

“There is a certain responsibility that comes with being citizens of a Republic,” she said. “I want to get people encouraged that they can make a difference, but they have to carve out time from their busy schedules. I want more people to get excited about networking with people that share their values. I want more people to run for office! I want more people to think about what our Founding Fathers had to do to even give us this form of government, and that we shouldn’t squander their sacrifices.”

Aside from her duties with the Fredericksburg Tea Party, Smith has also been involved with liberty-minded organizations such as Texas Right to Life, Texas Values, and the Central Texas Republican Assembly.

When she isn’t working or doing her part to preserve liberty, she loves the beach and “can’t live” without animals and nature.

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.