Formerly living in California until moving to Texas in 2017, Roger Wheelock took notice of the lack of biblical worldview in children’s education and has since stepped up to change that.

While raising his three children through the 1980s and ‘90s, Wheelock told Texas Scorecard, his family was actively involved in the church and believed they were doing good enough.

Wheelock explained that he and his family used to listen to the Focus on the Family radio broadcast with James Dobson, where Dobson’s main concentration was “sharing godly wisdom with parents and teens to successfully navigate the issues of life.”

However, Dobson often spoke about the key political and social issues increasingly affecting the families and churches in devastating ways. Wheelock said that was when he “realized Dobson was performing a vital function the churches of the past had been responsible for, but today are mostly absent from.”

Salt and Light

After his eyes were opened to the separation of biblical values from society, Wheelock took notice of the decline of America.

“We saw families, churches, and the once vibrant American culture collapse,” said Wheelock. “My entire family mourned over the devastation.”

Instead of just mourning, though, Wheelock took action.

“Throughout the next ten years, we diligently searched for the reasons behind this apparent dereliction of duty by the church at large,” Wheelock explained. “Soon we began developing educational tools meant to awaken Christians to our duty as salt and light in the society, equipping the Body of Christ to re-enter the battleground of ideas.”

These tools were especially needed in the arena of politics, where the biblical worldview intersects every area of life, and where the unchanging scriptural principles of love, truth, and virtue are so desperately needed in today’s dark and divisive world.

Once he had realized what needed to change, Wheelock began working with a national organization, the Salt and Light Council, to help write a monthly newsletter on the “current hot topics that might affect them in the present and future.” Oftentimes, these hot topics include issues with the education system.

The Salt and Light monthly newsletter now goes out to scores of participating churches across the nation.

As a Texan, Wheelock has made a point to include issues specific to Texas and a call to action for readers, even those who live in other states.

The newsletter also addresses national issues and how the Christian church ought to respond, as they have been called to be “salt and light.”

Wheelock also guides concerned Christians and conservative activists in the DFW metroplex on how to speak up at school and city council meetings to ensure that Christian moral principles are implemented in communities and protect children from harmful doctrines.

Greater Than I

Over the past 50 years, Wheelock has been a nightclub musician, sales manager in the food business, general building contractor, pastor, and national sales manager for a restaurant iced tea company.

For 35 of those 50 years, Wheelock was actively involved in the church, serving as a worship leader and songwriter.

In 2012, Wheelock launched a nonprofit ministry called Greater Than I Ministries, where he took his involvement with the church to a new level. However, it wasn’t till he made the move from California to Texas that he was able to focus on his ministry full time.

GTI focuses on equipping Christian churches and families with biblical worldview teaching resources, especially when it comes to children’s education.

“I have a passion to study the Bible to learn to apply its principles and precepts to practical life,” said Wheelock.

“Our children are being misled,” Wheelock explained.

They’re being misled into thinking, believing, and acting upon behaviors and lifestyles proven throughout history to not only be terribly harmful to children, but catastrophic to the nation. I hope to see the schools abandon their current focus on social emotional learning and CRT activism and return to a traditional emphasis on fundamental subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science—establishing disciplines that will prepare them for their future, producing responsible, virtuous, respectful citizens who are concerned not only for themselves and their family, but for others.

Wheelock’s ministry seeks to shine a light on the Texas educational system and spark a change.

“We have seen tremendous success from the method we use to quickly cement a biblical worldview into entire families who previously had little or no grounding,” Wheelock said.

“We call our method ‘indoctrinate and inoculate,’ meaning: Indoctrinate the learners with the fundamental doctrines (principles, precepts, truths) of the Bible in each of 12 areas of life, and inoculate them by comparing and contrasting the biblical worldview against the opposing worldviews pummeling our culture today.”

Wheelock is actively involved in the Texas education system, even to the point of providing Texans with voting guides during school board elections and helping others understand how to be more involved in elections.

With a passion for protecting the innocence of children, Wheelock is seeking the removal of all pornographic, obscene, and overtly sexualized books and curriculum from public schools.

He also wants to witness to and guide “Christian families and their churches in learning to stand up for truth and dismantle the lies tearing our culture apart.” Wheelock believes the church is the greatest asset in correcting American society and bringing morals back to the nation.

“I want to see churches influencing the nation to once again be like a shining city on a hill, bringing light and love to the world.”

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.