Born and raised on a dairy farm in eastern Iowa, Dave Wilson has called Cypress, Texas home for six years. Here, he has helped grow conservative presence as the Director of the Cypress Texas Tea Party.

An engineer by trade, Wilson says he wasn’t involved in politics until the past few years. “It was only after President Obama got elected that I realized a need to get actively involved in the people that were being elected into office.”

Looking for ways to get involved, Wilson attended a meeting of the Informed Citizens Group. There, the then-Director of the Cypress Texas Tea Party was addressing the group about ways to maximize the grassroots impact.

“It made me realize that there were things that I could do to help change the course of our nation which I felt was on a course to fiscal collapse,” said Wilson. After becoming a regular member, Wilson was asked to take over the leadership role of the group, which he’s used to mentor countless citizens who were unsure of what they can do to influence local governments.

Shortly after becoming the group’s director, he requested all members send him the contact information for their precinct chairmen so he could invite them to a “briefing” on the role of a precinct chair. “Little did the precinct chairmen know, they were actually being interviewed to see if they shared the same conservative principles help by our group,” said Wilson.  Two chairmen accepted that invitation and proved to be aligned with the group. Out of those that did not accept the invitation, Wilson challenged his members to challenge their chairs because, “Either they knew that their political philosophy didn’t align with Tea Party values or they were simply lazy.” As a result of his challenge, his group ended up electing four new conservative precinct chairs in Harris County.

Wilson attends as many board meetings as he can for any entity that spends tax dollars; he says he wants to ensure that the funds are managed prudently and transparently, reflecting a true understanding of the importance of local entities on the daily lives of taxpayers.

His party regularly invites candidates to make their case and to provide a forum for them to meet face to face with citizens. But he doesn’t stop after the election. Wilson said, “After the elections we visit our state legislators and bring a list of bills and issues that we would like them to support or not support.”

Aside from being the Cypress Texas Tea Party Director, Wilson is also a Harris County Precinct Chair, and coordinates the outreach and volunteers efforts for a middle school that his church recently adopted.

In his free time Wilson enjoys running, golf, NASCAR, and spending time with his two young grandchildren.

Charles Blain

Charles Blain is the president of Urban Reform and Urban Reform Institute. A native of New Jersey, he is based in Houston and writes on municipal finance and other urban issues.