“God did not put ignoring injustice in my DNA,” says Kaufman County resident Jan Shedd. “And I loathe liars. Nobody lies like the left. Nobody.

Shedd has been heavily involved in politics from the local level on up, having been taught at an early age about media bias and the importance of seeking out the truth. “When I was a teenager, it was when the left began to take over the country. The news was very biased, and I believed it because I was naïve. But my mother, who was no fool, told me what wasn’t being reported, and I learned from her what was happening to my country. I didn’t like it. From then until now, I have always had an interest in politics and a fervent love for the truth, because that is what sets us free.”

Shedd has resided in Kaufman County for twelve years, and has regularly been involved in local politics. She recalls the culture of willful ignorance and passivity in Republican leadership that has led to bigger government, liberalism, and a complete disregard of American values. “Around 2000, I began to witness the decline of the Republican Party. I watched as each passing week, another freedom was taken from us by the Democrats, while Republicans did nothing to stop it and the American people ignored it,” says Shedd. “I wanted to talk about it, but no one wanted to discuss it. Most people could not carry on an intelligent conversation about what was going on in America. I got the message to not discuss politics, kept quiet… and fumed. After all, where was I gonna go? The Republican Party?”

However, such silence would not remain the norm for Shedd. She recalls the tipping point for herself and likeminded cohorts being the moment Obama got elected: “Soon the news was full of large protests attended by people rejecting big government outright. Were my dreams coming true…finally?

It was around that time she realized the Tea Party was the party for her. Shedd says, “I then heard that there would be a Tea Party meeting at Dallas City Hall on April 15, Tax Day, 2009. That day I saw and heard Rafael Cruz for the first time. He blew me away!”

From then on, she has been thoroughly and consistently involved in grassroots activism. “The more I got into Tea Party work, the more fun I had. I discovered that I had a gift for writing and I use it mercilessly against the left. They hate me for it, but I rejoice and am exceedingly glad because men hate me for Jesus’ sake. Saving America has become my ministry,” Shedd says, reflecting the rare and valuable efficacy of the conservative movement’s most valued organizers.

Today, Shedd says she spends all her time working with the Tea Party. “There’s no time for anything else,” she says. When she’s not busy devoting her time to saving the Republic, she has a passion for saving animals. “Especially dogs,” she says. “I have four of my own, three of them rescues. I foster dogs who have been abused and need a home. I rehab them and find them a loving home where they will never suffer again.” Whether it’s protecting animals or protecting her values, Shedd’s passion goes unmatched.

Greg Harrison

Gregory led the Central Texas Bureau for Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he got involved politically through the Young Conservatives of Texas. He enjoys fishing, grilling, motorcycling, and of course, all things related to firearms.