After living in wildly different environments from Brazoria County to France, and ultimately settling in The Woodlands, Laura Fillault has come to despise socialism. It has fueled her dedication to taking her country back from those who wish to undermine our citizen-led system of governance.

Fillault’s move to The Woodlands three years ago was part of the ExxonMobil migration. She says she wasn’t always a political person, but “voted Republican because my parents did.” It wasn’t until seeing then U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz speak in The Woodlands that she started to develop an interest in politics. She soon joined the Texas Patriots PAC, a Tea Party organization in The Woodlands

Fillault quickly became a staple in Montgomery County politics and was tapped by then State Rep. Steve Toth to handle his Texas Senate campaign. She originally turned down the offer, but Toth’s insistence prevailed, ultimately leading to her “baptism by fire” in campaigns and Texas politics.

Over the past few months, Fillault’s name was elevated to a higher profile in Montgomery County after becoming an instrumental figure in helping to defeat a $350 million, highly divisive, Montgomery County bond proposal. Using her background in engineering she was able to factually inform the residents of Montgomery County about the impact of specific projects in the bond. Through grassroots activism Fillault, along with many other passionate activists, was able to turn out more than enough votes to defeat the project. She says she was adamant on defeating the bond because of the lack of community input when the commissioners court compiled the list of necessary projects.

Her passion for local politics is fueled by her desire to build a better country for children, future grandchildren, and even herself. “I am fighting to improve our local and state government now so that I can too enjoy the benefits of returning to a constitutional republic,” says Fillault. She is also dedicated to fighting the cronyism that is all too known in local politics. She is working hard to get good people in leadership roles so that they can effect change nationally.

Besides being a member of Texas Patriots Pac, Fillault is also involved in The Woodlands Republican Women’s Club, and the Montgomery County Tea Party.

A natural writer, Fillault blogs for: RedState, Pocket Full of Liberty, and Right Straight from the Heart. When not actively defending freedom and personal liberties, Laura spends time with her husband Pierre, and their two kids. She says she loves reading and just added Charles Cooke’s Conservatarian Manifesto to her pile of books.

Fillault was originally born in Kingsville and was raised in an unincorporated area of Brazoria County along the Brazos River. After graduating high school she attended Texas A&M where she earned a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Following college she met her husband, an expat from France. When his contract expired they moved to a Parisian suburb for three years. Fillault says when she couldn’t stand to be away from Texas any longer they moved and settled back in the Houston area.

Charles Blain

Charles Blain is the president of Urban Reform and Urban Reform Institute. A native of New Jersey, he is based in Houston and writes on municipal finance and other urban issues.