This week’s citizen profile is a little different. While we usually highlight individuals who are pushing the ball forward on conservative victories in Texas, this week we have a trio to highlight: The Mom Caucus.

“The formation of the ‘Mom Caucus’ shows the genius of its members,” said Emily Horne, Texas Right to Life’s Legislative Associate. “Because what’s worse than one angry mom? Three angry moms.”

The Mom Caucus’ three dynamic conservative women bring regular legislative updates, usually via Facebook Live, to Texans who can’t be in Austin. All three know the importance of staying up-to-date during session, and the lightning speed at which things can change. They’ve made it their mission to ensure all Texans can be better informed and share in the dialogue.

The caucus’ members are Dana Hodges, President of Concerned Women for America-Texas; Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum; and Cindy Asmussen, Advisor to the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee, and Legislative Director for Concerned Women for America-Texas.

The three have combined forces help Texans fend off attacks on religious liberty, life, family, and freedom.

“Christians and churches ought to have a view of stewardship when it comes to our communities, state and nation,” said Asmussen in a SBTC newsletter, “It seems that so many want to run away from it, but God wants us to speak life and light into the darkness and be that prophetic voice.”

Bradford –  a Christian, mother of seven, wife, and activist – took over Eagle Forum in early 2016 after four years of serving as president of Dallas Eagle Forum. She also founded the Tarrant County Eagle Forum in 2012.

Hodges, president of CWA-Texas, may be from Orange, Texas, but with how regularly she’s seen around the capitol one would think she’s an Austin native. She played an integral part in the passage of the Pastor Protection Act in 2015 and is currently fighting for women’s privacy by pushing Senate Bill 6, known as the Texas Privacy Act.

All three women understand the difficulty of getting thorough and timely information disseminated across the state, which is why they take to Facebook Live to let folks know what’s happening. They even give out awards!

“Fearlessly and indiscriminately taking on any threats to the family or religious liberty, you want to be on their side. And you’ll know when you are – they give out a weekly trophy to their legislative champion of the week,” said Horne.

Their Champion of the Week awards are given to citizens and legislators who go above and beyond advocating for conservative causes during session.

In their video announcing the inaugural award recipient, State Sen. Charles Schwertner, Bradford said, “We thought let’s do something that’s encouraging and uplifting, and so we decided each week we’re going to come to you with a champion of the week.”

The group recently had their first stop of the “Mom Caucus Tour” in Houston and they plan to head around the state talking to various conservative groups about legislation, advocacy, and what taxpayers can do to stay more involved from home.

Texans can keep up-to-date with the amazing work of Dana, Trayce, and Cindy by checking out the Mom Caucus Facebook Page.

Charles Blain

Charles Blain is the president of Urban Reform and Urban Reform Institute. A native of New Jersey, he is based in Houston and writes on municipal finance and other urban issues.


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