Born and raised just north of Houston in Montgomery County is a liberty driven, small government loving, young conservative named Reagan William Reed. Turning 18 shortly before the November general election, Reagan was most excited to cast his first vote for the candidate he’d been interning for all summer, Gov.-elect Greg Abbott. Reagan has been an active participant in Montgomery County politics for years, devoting free time helping conservative campaigns.

Reagan Reed

Reagan Reed

Raised in a politically-active family, Reagan realized early on the need for citizens to be involved in the electoral process. Whether the task is phone banking in Montgomery, or travelling way down to the Rio Grande Valley to block walk for Abbott, Reed has never turned down an opportunity to share with others, the values that guide him daily.

Aside from political philosophy, he is also guided by a strong faith. When not campaigning, he is dedicated to educating himself and spends time auditing classes at the local seminary college. He’s passionate about theology and the theories behind Christianity.

Reed strongly believes in the need for increased participation in local elections because he understands that these are the offices that effect day-to-day life.

When asked about Reagan’s contributions to the community, more senior activists were quick to note his incomparable work ethic. In the words of one activist, Reagan is a “one man outreach program.”

The drive he has for not only serving candidates who share his values, but also for making sure his community is informed on current issues, is inspiring. And his involvement does not stop on Election Day; he is also dedicated to keeping officials accountable.

Monitoring votes at city hall or online for the state legislature, Reagan makes sure that they are voting in favor of the people who sent them there. And he has no problem calling them out when they fall short.

It’s exciting to see young activists making a change during a time many people have such a distaste for local politics. Informed and active citizens make for a better functioning community and he makes sure to spread that mantra with everything he does. In the future, Reagan says he sees himself being a permanent fixture in conservative activism. He wants to continue to learn and spread the wealth of knowledge, hopefully encouraging more people to not just vote, but to become active participants.

Charles Blain

Charles Blain is the president of Urban Reform and Urban Reform Institute. A native of New Jersey, he is based in Houston and writes on municipal finance and other urban issues.


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