Over the last eight years the conservative grassroots in Texas have transformed state government. In 2010, when I was working alongside you in the grassroots movement, we couldn’t even get committee hearings on most of our legislative priorities. After each election cycle since then, however, our work together gained stronger conservative representation throughout the state and now these priorities are passing into law.

However, four years ago, it was on the heels of one of the most irresponsible budgets in Texas history that I decided to move from the grassroots movement to candidate for Texas senate. Too much government spending—at all levels—has always been one of my biggest frustrations as a taxpayer and I was ready to take my fight straight to the Senate floor. I’m proud to have been able to vote for both of the budgets put before me since becoming a State Senator, because while they were not perfect, your conservative leadership demanded unprecedented restraint on spending and better allocated the limited dollars we have to core functions of our state government.

Your conservative legislators have delivered on our promises to the voters. We’ve passed a ban on sanctuary cities, expanded Second Amendment protections, and killed countless bills that would limit your freedom and increase the size and cost of government.

And this gets me to the most important point of this commentary:

Friends, our ability to continue delivering on our promises is being threatened by intense opposition from the Democrats this election cycle. If we lose even one State Senator in Texas, our ability to pass strong conservative public policies is greatly diminished. Lose two and we may not be able to pass any of our priorities out of the Senate at all. Though we have enjoyed many conservative victories since I first entered office in 2014, we are one bad election cycle away from being right back to where we were in 2010!

My pledge to you is that my team and I are working overtime to ensure our conservative values continue to be the bedrock of the Texas Senate, but I can’t do it alone.

Each and every one of you need to volunteer your time, talent, and treasure toward furthering the cause of liberty between now and the November election. Find a local race that needs resources and step up. If your local race is not competitive, please consider helping with my reelection efforts! This November, we cannot afford to stand on the sidelines.

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Konni Burton

Konni Burton is the State Senator for Texas Senate District 10.


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