Michael Quinn Sullivan, CEO of Empower Texans, asked a “quirky” question: If you were offered 2 free tickets today to fly anywhere in the United States, would you take them? The caveat, of course, is that you must use them immediately. My answer: I would take the tickets.

The reasons are primarily surrounding liberty.

Famous talk show host Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly stated over the last couple of weeks that his concern is that we have done this to ourselves. I cannot agree more!

In recent months, we have been hearing alarm bells over fears of socialism. But if we take a hard look, how much socialism is already prevalent? This “crisis”—that I believe is manufactured—highlights the socialistic nature of our EXISTING government officials! We have allowed socialism to creep in over many years, and much of it can—arguably—be found as a result of the public funding of education.

Consider this: Around two-thirds of our property tax is devoted to “education.” So, a shiny new jumbotron at the football stadium is educational? Or a water park? The list of ridiculous expenditures goes on and on.

For decades we have been told of the continuing decline in educational outcomes, but we continue to be forced—under penalty of law—to pay for these ridiculous expenditures while we do not get the educational outcomes we’ve been promised. And, in fact, results continue to be further removed from the promised outcomes.

Students are simply not properly taught the basics, much less critical thinking skills. In fact, they are—arguably—encouraged to take the “accept it and move on” approach. The responsibility of educating our children has been shifted from its God-given place of the parents to government. Is it any wonder we have so many that rely on and essentially bow to government?

Over the last few weeks, how many families have been thrust into situations—as a direct result of decisions by government officials—that they were not, but had been promised that they did not need to be, prepared for? They had what they believed to be reliable child care and education but have had that ripped out from under them, so they are now—in an unexpected manner—responsible for the care and education of their children (a VERY good thing, by the way), but with no expectation of a refund for the services they continue to be forced to pay for but will not receive!

I know it sounds like I am in left field, here. But—in general—I do not hear good questions being asked. A little more than a week ago, Gov. Abbot announced that 98 percent of the hospital beds reserved for Chinese coronavirus are empty. But instead of lifting restrictions, more restrictions were put in place. How does that make sense?! But so many have been conditioned—through public education—to believe everything they are told—especially from government officials—and not to question. Those who question are to be penalized.

Bottom line, the numbers do NOT support this outrageous response. Even in the so-called epicenter of this “crisis,” New York. Although the numbers vary based on the time one looks at them, it seems reasonable to say that New York City has a population of around 8 million, and at some point—in recent days—there were 80,000 confirmed cases in New York City. Simple math tells us that is ONLY 0.1 percent of the population. That means that 99.9 percent of the population does NOT have the virus! It also means that the number of confirmed infections must double to 160,000 to increase to 0.2 percent of the population, again meaning that 99.8 percent of the population does NOT have the virus!

Speaking nationally, at the first of the week (4/5/2020), the numbers were around 330,000 infected nationwide. With a population of around 330 million, that represents 0.01 percent of the population. In other words, 99.99 percent of the population does NOT have the virus!

Further, the numbers also show that 95 percent of the cases are mild and, therefore, not at all likely to need hospitalization. Other numbers point to a 98 percent recovery rate. So, why the hysteria?

These numbers are examples that come from simple math and critical thinking, something I argue is NOT being taught in public education.

Now I know those numbers change by the hour, but as I have pointed out, not so dramatically to justify the current, highly questionable—in any circumstance—restrictions. Liberty demands that we have the right to weigh the risk and make our own decisions, not have government make them for us. But a socialist education system has taught otherwise.

Empower Texans has asked for suggestions to cut the state and local budgets. I suggest eliminating ALL public funding of education.

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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor is a taxpayer in Lubbock, TX.


The Deafening Silence of Fear

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