“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one place to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” ~ President Harry Truman.

On 24 August 2021, the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memorandum, directing the Secretaries of the Military Departments to “immediately begin full vaccination of all members of the Armed Forces under [Department of Defense] authority.”

This mandate was pushed even though Doe v Rumsfeld (2003) clearly prohibits the DOD from mandating an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccine. 

The Military Department leads, instead of doing their due diligence and looking out for their troops, blindly followed and carried out, what was arguably an unconstitutional and unlawful order. 

The Florida State Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, issued a statement on 23 Oct 2023 recommending against the COVID-19 booster, based heavily on the risk of subclinical and clinical myocarditis and other cardiovascular conditions. 

A French study using nationwide hospital discharge and vaccine data has shown “strong evidence of an increased risk of myocarditis and of pericarditis in the week following vaccination against COVID-19 with mRNA vaccines in both males and females.” 

Nicolas Hulscher, a graduate student at the University of Michigan completed a “Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination.” After the systematic review, the conclusion was that “73.9 percent of deaths are either direct [sic] due to or significantly contributed to by known mechanisms.“

Dr. Peter McCullough, the most credentialed and credible source on the subject, had this to say during his expert testimony at the European Parliament on 13 Sep 2023:

The Spike protein is proven, in 3,400, peer reviewed manuscripts to cause four major domains of disease. One is cardiovascular disease, heart inflammation or myocarditis … When there is myocarditis, whether it’s symptomatic or not, people cannot exert themselves in athletics. It will cause a cardiac arrest … I’m telling you as an expert cardiologist, these cardiac arrests are due to the COVID-19 vaccine, until proven otherwise.

This leads me to the 248th Marine Corps Birthday Ball on 10 Nov 2023. This year at the Ball for the Marine Corps Reserve and Marine Corps Forces, South, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Eric Smith, was scheduled to be the guest of honor.  However, due to cardiac arrest on 29 Oct 23, and a scheduled surgery, his presence had to be canceled. General Smith is 58, in terrific shape, eats well, and doesn’t drink; he is one of the least likely people to ever suffer from cardiac arrest. 

I was honored to be invited to the ball by a dear friend. Upon arriving at the ball, there was a short update on the Commandant’s status, but it was mostly glossy, conventional, and void of a hint it could have been caused by the “vaccine.” In fact throughout the evening not one Marine did I hear bring up the “vaccine.” The silence on the topic was deafening.  

As expected in a totalitarian police state, the narrative being pushed is the Commandant has a congenital issue.

We saw the same controlled narrative when actor Jamie Fox collapsed and was hospitalized, Damar Hamlin collapsed and was hospitalized, Bronny James, the 18-year-old son of basketball icon LeBron James collapsed due to cardiac arrest, coincidentally, it was blamed on congenital issues. 

It is worth noting that before the COVID-19 “vaccines,” in the European Sports Leagues, there were 29 cardiac arrests a year. Since the introduction of the “vaccine,” there have been 1,5000 cardiac arrests a year and two-thirds of them have been fatal.    

The Marines, who are infamous for fearing nothing, have gone deafening silent on the proven lethality of the “vaccine,” apparently out of fear of the globalist deep state. Yes, they are powerful and their reach is extensive, but what is the worst that can happen? We die. News flash, none of us are getting out of here alive, and it’s better we live courageously, fighting for rights and freedom, than cowardly, capitulating to tyranny out of fear, for a little comfort.

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Larry Kaifesh

Larry Kaifesh is a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps with 28 years of service and seven combat deployments to the Middle East after the attacks of 9-11. He is committed to truth and transparency, the fuel for a civilized society.