The board of the Associated Republicans of Texas—or “ART,” as it’s referred to in political circles—doesn’t quite live up to the Republican part of its name. Since 2015, ART’s board has donated almost half a million dollars to Democrats up and down the ballot in Texas—$456,752.68, to be exact. High-profile names include Beto O’Rourke, Colin Allred, Royce West, Gene Wu, and Jose Menedez. All of these Democrats are known for being anti-gun extremists.

ART’s mission statement clearly says that the organization is “committed to maintaining the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature.” But how can an organization claim to do so when half a million dollars from its board members have ended up in Democrat campaign coffers, directly undermining their mission statement?

What is even more shocking is how much money the chairman of the board of ART has sent to Democrats. Twenty-seven percent of the total money that ART board members have sent to Democrats came from John Nau, who, terrifyingly, is also the treasurer for Greg Abbott’s campaign account.

This connection can potentially explain the support that ART and Greg Abbott send to Republicans who do not support constitutional carry. In recent news, Justin Berry of House District 47 was endorsed by both organizations. He proudly testified with Moms Demand Action for House Bill 95. This bill was actively opposed by the National Rifle Association and Texans for Gun Rights.

ART also does not support conservative Republicans. The highest-rated Republicans supported by ART are Morgan Meyer and Chris Paddie, who both received a 57 from the Young Conservatives of Texas for the past legislative session.

In conclusion, Republicans across the spectrum should be skeptical about “Republicans” endorsed by the Associated Republicans of Texas. The board members openly support Democrats, including Beto O’Rourke, and its endorsed slate of Republicans have proudly fought against almost every plank of the Republican Party Platform. Their endorsed candidates have stopped constitutional carry and pro-life laws, entrenched taxpayer-funded lobbying, and fought against property tax rollback elections. Republicans of all stripes should vote against ART-endorsed candidates until their board stops funding Democrats and their endorsed candidates stop opposing the platform of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Chris Fails

Chris Fails is the former Mayor of Hollywood Park and a former candidate for State Representative. He is a graduate of Texas Tech and St. Mary's School of Law.