We cannot long sustain the current lockdowns, much less the increasing restrictions. Our economy must provide goods and services in order for society to function. Gone are the days when we grew our own food and spun our own clothes or produced our own power.

I appreciate the difficult policy decisions faced by our leaders today, but I encourage them to think long-term to the earliest minute we can get back to work.

I understand that we are in the midst of a panic, and by definition, panics are irrational, but we must get past the panic stage.

Military planners and commanders have long faced this exact issue, known informally as “men versus mission,” meaning that every mission requires an analysis of the importance of the mission against the potential human cost. The mission of this nation is a productive civil society. The human cost, as in each analysis, can only be estimated.

Good ideas are emerging. I have posted several excellent pieces by The Wall Street Journal. Others are coming to the realization of the draconian damage being done to our economy.

I encourage our policymakers to start to find ways to protect our most vulnerable, those who are most likely to die, NOT those who might take ill. And get everyone else back to work!

And as for the cash payments, we conservatives have always said that the best social program is a job. That is infinitely truer during this crisis.

Let’s get this nation back to work!

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Keith Self

Keith Self served as Collin County judge from 2007 to 2018. Prior to holding elected office, the fifth-generation Texan and West Point graduate had a distinguished military career, serving 25 years as an Army officer.