I believe that it is well past time that we hold our elected officials at the local level of government more accountable, and House Bill 2 will be a step in that direction.

The out-of-control spending of our local governments and the resulting tax raises that attempt to fund that spending need to be held in check by the voters.

HB 2 will allow citizens to have a bigger and more impactful voice and will put local governments on notice that we will no longer allow unfair tax raises or our officials to spend without answers.

The only problem with HB 2 is the exemption for local taxing entities that have less than $15 million in tax revenue. This exemption must be removed so all local governments are held to the same standard.

We will not allow any more taxation without representation. Our government is “for the people, by the people.” I believe we need more “commonsense” budgeting on the local level, and HB 2 without the exemption will require our elected officials to listen to the voters and respect our voices.

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Robin Hayes

Robin is a taxpayer from Eastland County.