The issue of transgenderism is enormous and manifests in many different ways. There is gender dysphoria in children, young adults, adults, and older adults—all with very different causes, and all cases should be treated as unique. Due to the deliberate media silencing of facts by rabid transgender activists, many of us do not know the details of what it means to be “trans,” so I would like to share with you the gender transition process as it is right now for children.

What is gender dysphoria, and what exactly is “transitioning”?

Gender dysphoria is a psychosis. In recent years, liberal activists have managed to get the medical community to bend and change the definition in the DSM, the official guide of psychological disorders used by the medical community, lest they are harassed and called “transphobic.” Gender dysphoria is a psychosis, nevertheless, because your brain is not aligned with reality. You believe that you are the opposite sex, and sometimes that belief is so strong you become fixated on it and behave in very irrational ways.

In children, dysphoria will often manifest at a young age. It can be caused by myriad reasons I won’t delve into here, but we must always bear in mind that these are children—children who need love and guidance, but instead are abused and exploited by those who are meant to care for them.

The overwhelming majority of children with gender dysphoria (80 to 90 percent) will desist if not socially or medically transitioned by their parents. That statistic drops to between 0 and 10 percent once a child is put on the path of social and/or medical “transition.”

But many doctors do not treat gender dysphoria as something that will likely pass, due to hostile activism and deliberate silencing campaigns. The only treatment activists permit them to recommend is gender transition. Devastatingly, the entire medical community seems to have folded to the demands of unhinged transgender activists.

The current “treatment” being used is called “affirmation care.” This starts when a parent notices their child beginning to be fond of toys or activities generally enjoyed more by the opposite sex. The parent will share this with their child’s doctor. The child’s doctor now, being a hostage of woke politics, will tell the parents that this means their child is “transgender” and they must immediately take actions, such as changing the child’s name to one that is of the sex opposite to theirs, referring to the child with pronouns of the opposite sex, and telling friends and family that they are the opposite sex. The doctor will tell them to treat their child as the opposite sex in every way.

The next step, after socially transitioning the child, occurs when the child is anywhere from 8-10 years old and puberty starts to begin. When their doctor notices the onset of puberty, they will prescribe “puberty blockers,” which—as the name suggests—prevent the child from developing naturally as their own body suits them. The puberty blocker used is Lupron, which has been known to cause severe depression and heart failure, among a plethora of other side effects.

After a few years on puberty blockers, the child is then evaluated to see if the transition should be continued. The answer to this is already going to be “yes,” because this young child has already been living as the opposite sex, all their friends and teachers think they are the opposite sex, and they have had their natural development totally halted—not to mention, they have probably already had their sex changed on all of their legal documents.

The child will then be prescribed cross-sex hormones. The hormones will be very high-dose, to cause the child to develop the secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex. Most of these changes will be irreversible, especially those experienced by young girls.

Side effects of cross-sex hormones are not completely known, as there have been no long-term studies. What we know so far is that they do cause bone and organ damage, can cause blood clots, and will shorten life span. Most disturbingly is that, in almost all cases, the child will be sterilized, leaving them unable to ever conceive their own children.

When the child reaches late adolescence, aged 16 to 17, they will likely have what is euphemistically referred to as “bottom surgery” performed on their genitals. There are a few different varieties of these surgeries; all are a gruesome process for both boys and girls.

After this surgery, the children are lifelong medical patients. Some girls go on to have elective hysterectomies, which are extremely complicated and can be deadly. Boys may go on to have a variety of complicated, painful cosmetic procedures. At the very least, they are committed to taking cross-sex hormones for the rest of their lives.

The popular emotional blackmail used when pushing the public to accept transgender treatments is to claim that these children may go on to commit suicide if they are not allowed to transition. However, as far as we know, transition increases the likelihood of suicide.

As far as solutions for this problem, this is a topic in desperate need of discussion. We need to become as informed as possible so that we may help these children who are being abused in the worst way by the woke cult. Some more great resources are available at 4th Wave Now, Hands Across the Aisle, and The Kelsey Coalition. Please join us in standing up for these children before it is too late.

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Jenny Del Toro

Jenny Del Toro is a wife, mother, and activist from Bedford, TX.