An open letter from a constituent to State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake):

Dear Representative Capriglione,

In your campaign for reelection announcement this week, you state, “If reelected, I promise to continue to fight for limited and efficient government while working tirelessly to ensure the voices of those living in House District 98 are heard.”   Furthermore, your campaign literature states, “As your State Representative, I am fighting to secure the border, reign in state spending, and provide more transparency and accountability of elected officials.

I am a constituent of District 98 and have attempted to have my voice heard and I’ve sought explanations for votes that you took in the Texas Legislature that don’t jive with your promise above.  However, you are doing your best to ensure that MY voice as a constituent is NOT heard. Like you claim in your campaign literature, I also value more transparency and accountability from my elected officials, yet you have demonstrated neither qualities to me, the person that you represent.

I have respectfully attempted to ask you these questions in person but you chose to provide a non-answer then take no more questions.  I have respectfully attempted to ask you these questions on your Facebook page but you deleted my questions then blocked me from commenting. Perhaps sending these five simple, legitimate questions via email will yield honest, straightforward answers and the transparency and accountability that you claim is your hallmark.

I sincerely hope so.

I promise to continue to fight for limited and efficient government”. Then . . .

  1. Why did you vote for a bill that allowed school districts to raise taxes without voter approval? (House Bill 486 by Rep VanDeaver)
  2. Why did you vote for legislation to disguise a tax increase on nursing home beds? (House Bill 2788 by Rep Sheffield)
  3. Why did you vote to oppose eliminating corporate welfare and abolish the Commission on the Arts? You voted to abolish this in 2013. What changed besides you? (Senate Bill 1, Amendment 1 by Rep Tinderholt)

4.Why did you oppose the leader of the Texas House Republican Caucus and side with Democrats to kill legislation that would have strengthened the state spending limit? (House Bill 208, 1st Called, Point of Order)

  1. Does it bother you at all to pose for pictures with Governor Abbott when you worked so hard with House Democrats and leadership to kill his conservative reform agenda?

I believe that every Texan deserves straight, public, explanations for the votes and positions that our elected officials make as they represent us.  I hope that you feel the same way because folks are paying attention and they care.


Steve Waltens

Colleyville, TX

Steve Waltens

Steve Waltens is a 2018 Conservative Leader Award winner who lives in Roanoke, Texas.