Tonight, Empower Texans hosted a great conference call for conservatives with numerous conservatives joining in to remind others that each election is an opportunity to gain ground. If it is one inch, one foot or one mile we have the opportunity to take ground back that we relinquished in previous elections by staying away from the polls “in disgust”.

So many conservatives tend to out-think themselves by either participating in Democrats primary’s, where you are more apt to catch an airborne illness than a conservative, or they think they will be sending a message by NOT voting will really teach those rascals a lesson. That’s like teaching your teenager to be home on time by going on vacation and leaving them your keys and wallet.

Conservative groups have historically been behind the curve when it comes to mobilizing people effectively on a large scale. However, tonight’s call linking conservatives as well as other conservative groups prove that we are truly learning the rules of idealogical hand to hand combat and tactical warfare. Getting conservatives going in the same direction is equivalent to training cats to do crossword puzzles. However, you can call the news media because it appears to this “wild eyed, right wing radical” that perhaps we have now turned that page…hmmm…seven across…what is another name for flaming liberal?