Captain Watchdog

Mr. Opiela’s Opus

In the crazy campaign season where every nook and cranny of a person’s life and statements about the most obscure things are brought out in TV ads, mailers and social media posts, I find it incredible that the wreckage left behind by Eric Opiela is scarcely mentioned...

A Birdwell in the hand is worth two Sibleys in a bush

As Republicans have just concluded their biennium convention one thing has become abundantly clear; business as usual is over! When Republicans in Texas are willing to replace their conservative firebrand interim state chairman with a conservative businessman, then you know it is a different political climate.

Worshipers of “The Process”

It is time for someone to pull the covers back on the number one tactic liberals have used to stymie conservatives for decades. It is known mostly by its common name “The Process” (TP), but political scientists know it by its scientific term; “liberalus muckus upus legislates”.

The Reign of Error has Ended.

8 Term State Representative G.E. Buddy West was soundly defeated tonight by retired District Judge Tryon Lewis. What’s even more breathtaking is that Judge lewis completely reversed the percentage of voters in 2 of the 3 counties that make up HD 81 (approx. 68% – 32%). In fact Judge Lewis skyrocketed his returns in Winkler County defeating the incumbent by a very healthy 83% – 17%.

Continuing to Empower Texans!

Tonight, Empower Texans hosted a great conference call for conservatives with numerous conservatives joining in to remind others that each election is an opportunity to gain ground. If it is one inch, one foot or one mile we have the opportunity to take ground back that we relinquished in previous elections by staying away from the polls “in disgust”.

“School-ed” in Deception?

Isn’t odd that the one area in which most politicians and taxpayers get weak-kneed is that same place that seems to practice the most deception; Education.  To me education has become the new golden calf of American worship.  I dare you to say in a public setting that "Education" is getting enough money.  I double-dog dare you to say that teachers are getting enoug