Economic warfare is warfare. Casus belli is a Latin term which means “a reason to go to war.” Joe Biden has just initiated casus belli against the state of Texas. In his effort to impose his tyrannical will on our great Republic, he has fractured our nation in a way that could be seen as the beginning of the end of the American Experiment if calmer and wiser heads don’t prevail.

Last week, the president of the United States cancelled all LNG projects in Texas in retaliation for our refusal to submit to an illegal invasion by criminal cartels, Islamic terrorists, and the worst actors from around the world including Iran, Russia, and even North Korea.

Biden’s open borders are a disaster of historic proportions. His irrational, ideological doggedness in continuing these policies is tearing our country apart.

Over 170 known terrorists have been apprehended at the border. How many more are among the hundreds of thousands of “got aways” for which we have no accounting?

Millions of people have been given a free pass into America with the federal government literally cutting fences and opening gates to ease their passage.

America’s once great cities such as Chicago and New York are bursting at the seams as officials and citizens alike try to cope with the crush of humanity demanding services that they simply can’t provide.

In an effort to curtail this historic disaster, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has boldly stood in the gap, using every tool and resource at his disposal to stem the tide. The Texas legislature has his back, authorizing new tools and resources in a desperate attempt to protect our state and nation.

Governor Abbott has now declared an invasion, and half of America’s governors have stepped up to support Texas. The dividing lines are drawn between the states who seek peace and prosperity for our citizens and a federal government that seeks power and control above all else.

Texas is building barriers, sending troops, chartering buses, and arresting illegals as fast as we can. What logic, what sense, can possibly explain our own federal government fighting us at every turn?

What are all of us not seeing in Joe Biden and the radical left’s thinking to stand in our way?

America’s governing charter, the U.S. Constitution, holds that the fundamental logic of having a federal government at all is to defend the life, liberty, and property of the American people.

How do Joe Biden’s dangerous and divisive actions at the border and in his relations with the states support this most basic of American principles?

Texas is suffering under the yoke of Biden’s border disaster, and so is the rest of the nation. And to be clear, the women and children sex trafficked into America are suffering too, as are the Americans being crushed under the heel of fentanyl addiction. So, too, are the millions of illegals who live each day as little more than a slave class, without rights, afraid to go to the police, and unable to avail themselves of the courts.

There is no compassion in these policies. There is no justice for anyone. There is just one man, and he can end this now, if that were his desire.

President Biden, a house divided against itself cannot stand. You must stand down before you destroy the world’s last, best hope with your misguided and dangerous declaration of war against Texas and your open border insanity!

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Sid Miller

Sid Miller is in his third term as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. He previously served as a member of the Texas House, a school board member, and a teacher. Sid is also a nationally renowned rodeo champion, as well as a farmer and rancher.