I’m just going to come out and say it: Leftism is every bit as much a religion as Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism. It is one of the fastest-growing, too, and for one very good reason: It has become essentially state-sponsored.

I am well aware there will be an emotional pushback on this allegation by the leftists. But, as Ben Shapiro so eloquently puts it, “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

The Religion of Leftism has many adherents and many denominations, including those who identify as atheists, socialists, humanists, feminists, environmentalists, and LGBTQ+. These are some of the names of the different denominations, but understand, they are the same church.

I think future generations will be able to see that our current government—as well as all our major educational, cultural, and scientific institutions—have all but officially endorsed this new religion.

The leftists all claim that they want a “separation of church and state.” What they mean is they want separation of your church and its ideas from their society.

By narrowly defining “church” and “religion” to exclusively mean those whose God is the God of the Bible, the leftists have been able to weaponize the phrase “separation of church and state.”

But, what if their culture, their worldview, or their lifestyle could appropriately be referred to as a religion every bit as much as any of the other world religions?

When I started college in the late ’80s, I was shocked to find my leftist professors pushing something they called “multiculturalism.” This was no subtle push. This was a full-on, frontal assault on traditional American family values. The sad truth is that their assault has worked.

To test my hypothesis, I would invite you to think about the list of generally accepted pillars of modern society: religion, family, education, business, government, media, and arts & entertainment. Can you think of a single one in which the Religion of Leftism and its denominations hasn’t dominated, controlled, or destroyed?

Sadly, this new religion is a vengeful one and brings its full might against those who disagree. And truly saddest of all, this new religion has the full weight and might of the United States federal government, as well as most state and local governments behind it.

It turns out that when the force of government approves of and pushes one worldview/religion at the expense of others, it is a powerful agent of social change, and it is dangerous to freedom.

As uncomfortable as it is to say out loud, leftism is our state-sponsored religion. Until we recognize this fact, we will continue to lose and lose badly.

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Jon Francis

Jon and his family are Eastland County residents.


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