1. Voting is not your right, it is your responsibility.
  1. Vote the whole ballot. It matters.
  1. The most important election is the Primary. This is where a grassroots candidate has the best chance of beating a well-funded establishment candidate.
  1. All Republican candidates sound conservative, but many do not vote conservatively.
  1. Study the scorecards and/or endorsements from watchdog groups to assist with your candidate choices. For example:
    • Texans For Fiscal Responsibility 
    • Texas Eagle Forum 
    • Young Conservatives of Texas 
    • Texas Values
  1. When you see an advertisement on TV/Radio/Paper regarding any candidate, question everything:
    •  The timing of the “breaking news”?
    •  Who paid for the advertisement?
    • Can the message be proven?

[side_text]Tina Millican submitted this commentary for EmpowerTexans.com and Texas Scorecard.[/side_text]

  1. BEWARE: Democrat donors form groups that deceptively sound conservative. Some of them are:
    • Texans For Individual Rights 
    • Conservative Voters of Texas 
    • Texans For Insurance Reform 
    • Texans For Public Education
  1. Vote your values. Biblical values. Moral values. Constitutional values. Life values. Liberty values. Vote your values.
  1. Know that there will not always be a clear candidate of choice and that your choice will not always be correct.
  2. When in doubt, vote the incumbent out.


4/19/24 Leftist Feminist Professor LEAVES UT Austin

- Feminist media critic to depart UT-Austin over DEI ban. - Houston teacher arrested for improper relationship with a student. - Huffman ISD accuses AG’s Office of Election Interference in response to electioneering lawsuit.