Despite public anger over our history being wiped out, lawmakers from both parties continue to dismantle our nation’s culture to appease the woke crowd. Allowing it to continue unchecked has America teetering on the edge of a cliff overlooking hell. Changing the culture is a critical step for changing a nation’s government and laws. Jon Francis, a Cisco businessman, states it well: “Keep in mind that politics is downstream from culture. If we allow them to change the culture, you must know that politics and law will follow.”

In Texas

In Texas, a special Senate committee created by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick met recently in the Texas State Capitol to discuss getting rid of three historical portraits hanging in the Senate Chamber: President Jefferson Davis, Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Postmaster General John H. Reagan. While they’re at it, they intend to banish to the hinterlands seven Confederate monuments on Texas’ Capitol grounds, even though nearly 98 percent of Texas Republicans supported a proposition to prohibit removing all historic monuments in Texas.

In D.C.

Both Democrats and Republicans have included a clause in the National Defense Reauthorization Act to rename military bases. President Donald Trump, who opposes renaming military bases that honor Confederate military leaders, has vowed to veto the bill. If Biden should become president, we can bet the House that all military bases will be renamed with the complicity of Republicans.

Why Must Our Culture Be Erased?

Marxists have been quietly working for decades to impose communism worldwide with the prime target being the United States. Many Americans don’t recognize that a communist revolution is already underway in America because they think that can happen only in foreign nations.

Key to the Marxist goal of imposing communism worldwide is changing the culture of a nation by wiping out all evidence and all memory of the past. Once the culture is destroyed, the left can impose its own tyrannical communism/socialism, which has been responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people, with millions more impoverished.

All nations, except for the United States, grant rights to citizens—rights that government can also take away. We are the only nation that believes individual rights come from God. Our Founders designed our nation’s framework, the United States Constitution, to protect those God-given inalienable individual rights.

Marxists must first cancel—erase—Western culture and Christianity. It was Western culture that was the foundation of logic, reasoning, fairness, and open-mindedness for our Constitution.

The underlying pillars of Western culture are its Christian religious traditions, especially the Ten Commandments. Western culture cannot be erased until Christianity with its Judeo-Christian religious traditions is canceled.

This is the real purpose behind the shutdown of churches and synagogues, even though leftist governors and mayors claim it’s to keep people safe from the Chinese coronavirus. Why, then, aren’t Mosques and Buddhist temples not shut down? Because those religious are not the pillars of Western culture. Judaism and Christianity are the pillars, so they must be the primary targets.

Christianity will be replaced by secularism, which posits that the state or man is god.

Destroying our culture also includes the destruction of our economic system and getting control of very young children to permanently warp their minds. Marxists gained control of our public schools more than a century ago and used them to indoctrinate students with activism for cultural and political change. After years of indoctrination in cultural Marxism, millennials hate America with a barbaric vengeance.

Marxists have been highly successful with their political correctness and social justice agenda with little to no pushback from conservatives. Because many people cower from personal conflict, Marxists are able to use public shaming, degradation, violence, and humiliation very effectively against all ages. People are threatened if they don’t denounce their “whiteness” or bow down to a Black Lives Matter protester. They’re encouraged to rat on their neighbors and people in the public arena. The BLM goal is to shut down any criticism against them and to punish anyone who doesn’t comply with their orders.

Marxists are erasing our history by destroying all of our statues; re-naming buildings, streets, and even towns; and burning books. Our historical monuments will be replaced by those of their choice, beautiful buildings are being replaced by ugly communist-style structures, and beautiful art is ignored for ugly and even shocking “art.” Their Orwellian language policing is designed to shame and control us. History has been rewritten with their own version that continues the concept of the North against the South.

Their purpose is twofold: 1) erase our culture and 2) make us so mad that we will engage in open warfare.

Marxists have already taken control of most of the political society; thousands of agencies, law courts, and prisons; and the local and state administrative departments. They control most of Congress, many state houses, and city councils.

We are following in the footsteps of oil superpower Venezuela, which not too long ago was the richest nation in South America. The people caved to gun control and other socialist policies. Today, they are sitting on top of the world’s largest proven oil reserve of 300 billion barrels, which has only a single drilling rig working its massive fields. From super wealthy to super poor, Venezuelans are eating out of garbage cans and waiting in line for toilet tissue. Dissenters are openly murdered. Will this be our future?

If we want to remain a free nation, we must fight to save Western culture and Christianity. We must be willing to stand up against tyranny like those brave patriots who are risking their lives by testifying about election fraud. To turn away from secularism, our nation needs another Great Awakening that sweeps our land to renew our faith.

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Carole Hornsby Haynes

Carole Hornsby Haynes is an education policy analyst, curriculum specialist, historian, and publisher of "The Haynes Report."


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