Chris Turner has been handed a tremendous amount of power by Dade Phelan. Not only is Rep. Turner a liberal marxist and chair of the Democrat Caucus, but he’s also now the chairman of the Texas House Business and Industry Committee.

A couple of weeks ago, Turner took to Twitter to discuss his plans to advance legislation that will further regulate Texas businesses.

This announcement comes after a year of Gov. Greg Abbott shutting down tens of thousands of small businesses and heavily regulating the entire business community in an unpredictable manner. Now we see that Chris Turner is hell-bent on advancing bigger government legislation with his newly granted power.

How many GOP chairmen have announced conservative legislation they will be pushing through their committees? Well, we don’t have a list. In fact, we have the opposite. Chris Paddie, the chairman of State Affairs, the committee in charge of the vast majority of legislation at the center of our culture wars (immigration, abortion, gender issues, etc.), took to twitter to remind Texans that the Legislature doesn’t really need to do anything this year.

This session is the time for action. Texans can’t afford the losing mentality of the last several sessions. We cannot afford the cowardly past of Republicans to continue. We need Republicans who fight as hard for what they say they believe as Democrats do.

This is the session Texas Republicans have a real chance to catch up with other Republican states. Unfortunately, we are so far from getting back to having real opportunities to lead.

Hope, pray, and work tirelessly to encourage the Legislature to deliver what Texans deserve. All we are asking is for them to believe in their policy priorities with the same level of conviction as Democrats. If that happens, it will be a notable shift in the Texas GOP.

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Luke Macias

Luke is a Texas based conservative political consultant and host of the Luke Macias Show podcast.


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