If you ever thought for a minute that the mainstream media has an ounce of integrity, the Ukraine-Biden laptop story should put an end to it.

Mainstream media is demonstrating its lockstep with the Democrat party in such a blatant way that no reasonable person can see this as anything close to “investigative reporting.”

Let’s review: Justice Kavanaugh was put through hell for weeks based on stories that were contrary to everything known about his vanilla background, but liberals were all about “believe the woman” no matter how absurd, including an accusation of sexual assault in college parties that EVERYONE knew was false.

Similarly, President Trump has been pursued over the Steele dossier, which was created out of nothing, caused no end of harassment, and was completely anonymous.

And not too long ago, The Atlantic concocted a completely false story about Trump talking smack about the military in a way that is completely contrary to his public behavior (and private behavior as reported by the Secret Service) and was contradicted by those who were present at the event where this was supposed to have happened. But Biden and Harris and the liberal media were perfectly okay with an anonymous story that is contrary to all known facts.

But now we have a hard drive that does nothing but confirm what everyone has always known: Hunter Biden is a tragedy living off of his father.

Everyone knows that there is nothing that Hunter can do that warrants payment of $50k/month other than act as a broker of American foreign policy through his father. And we have Biden bragging on recorded video that he made such demands that are completely consonant with these stories.

The media is uncowed, and the dissembling begins. Take note:

1) Biden’s attorney demanded the laptop in October, and the email shows that they’d talked about it before.

2) The contents of the drive include many emails from multiple sources, and they’ve been corroborated.

3) The FBI and Justice Department have both stated that this is not Russian collusion.

4) Associates of Hunter Biden have turned over emails, and those records verify the laptop’s emails as valid.

The only question for the electorate is whether they hate the president so much that they’d vote for someone who is literally selling our foreign policy for personal gain—someone who went from college professor to multi-millionaire while in the Senate and has been there for decades and done nothing of value—or the president, who does what he says but is annoying.

Early voting continues for another week. Be sure to take a friend and vote all the way down to the bottom, or you’ll wind up with a bunch of judges who think that Hunter Biden’s behavior is acceptable.

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Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.