The left was able to impeach President Trump while he was in office with made-up garbage. With him out, they could have him in jail within a couple of years.

Trump has established business operations all over the globe. There is almost no one like that who cannot be found to be guilty of something, particularly given the resources that these people will have.

As Stalin’s servant, Lavrentiy Beria famously stated, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” The left is going to go full Beria on Trump, and the “Trumped-up” charges won’t be completely wrong. There are so many irrational regulations that a motivated bureaucrat can always take down anyone that they want to target these days.

First, they impoverish them by freezing assets and then demand that the victim fight the allegations without a real defense. Or, they find a vulnerable relative and demand surrender.

Conservatives in every profession will be in the crosshairs.

In Texas, for example, attorneys have been fighting about a speech and behavior code disguised as an ethics rule—speak out on an issue, and then people say you should not be allowed to be an attorney because you can’t be trusted to be fair (Model Rule 8.4g, for those who care).

Don’t think that’s real? There’s a young woman who was “disinvited” to go to SMU’s law school because of a racist rant found in her phone from when she was 14. She could have killed people at that age and had it exonerated, but a person has to be stamped “unclean” as a young teenager and her life upended because of something she did eight years ago while in middle school.

As others have stated, it’s not Trump that they were after; they are after us, and the president was just in the way.

Kamala Harris put people in jail to bolster her stats when she knew of exonerating evidence. She went on full attack and supported attacks on Justice Kavanaugh based on no evidence.

Before she was offered the VP slot, Harris called Biden a racist and said she believed eight women who claimed they had been accosted by Biden. But then the call for VP came, and all that was forgotten. Principled behavior cannot be expected of this person.

Nor can Biden be trusted to do that right thing; he sold his family’s honor and been participating in treasonous behavior for decades before he started opposing the guy who gave up his pay to hold the office of president.

While I’m not for throwing in the towel on the election, it doesn’t look good at this point. All I can do is take solace that we’re on this rock for a few years, and living for the moment is the wrong approach.

So I’ll take solace in the Psalms, pray for our leaders, and hope for the best. And if it continues the way it looks, I’ll hope that I’m wrong, hope that my taxes won’t go up, and hope that no one will call me a racist for being against the minimum wage.

And yes, I’ve always been unreasonably optimistic.

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Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.