An editorial from the Austin American-Statesman, posits the idea that we should pay children a wage to study for school. The proponent of this idea is one Bruce Todd, a former mayor of Austin, who is running a project called the Tuition Incentive Program.

In support of the general idea, Todd is quoted as saying: “Government gives away money all the time to people. For food, emergency housing, health care, not to mention giving back to older folks in our community, some of whom are quite wealthy, by freezing valuations on homes.”

First, let’s point out the error in his thinking, common with liberals, that freezing property taxes for older folks is the same as giving them money. Todd’s thinking is absurd and sloppy, but indicative of how Left doesn’t recognize your right to property.

The Left will not come to grips with the idea that you own your money, not the government. And, letting you keep more of it through lower taxes is not a giveaway to anyone. That’s why they always talk about “paying” for tax cuts, a silly notion.

To quote Todd again, “Government gives away money all the time to people.”

And because of that we should expand that income redistribution to every sector of society, even school kids, as Todd and his fellow leftists see no downside to such. Destroying the dignity of the human soul and removing all incentive for the achievement needed to advance the human condition, is just fine with the Left.

As long as they get the pleasure of using each of us as a guinea pig in their social experiments.

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