An irony that has emerged is that it might be public schools who turn out to be the biggest advocates for school choice. Now, that wouldn’t happen on purpose, but it would come as a reaction to multiple foolish and poor decisions on the part of public school administrators.

Most everyone knows what happened here at Fort Worth ISD where a superintendent unilaterally installed an impermissible policy. In doing so, he encouraged pertinent information be withheld from parents. Thank goodness the superintendent has seen the errors of his ways and reversed the illegal policy.

But now you have another district, this time in Maryland, upping the ante on foolishness. As you can see in the story, the district has told its employees that students should be able to bunk with the gender of their choice on over night, school-related activities.

My guess is that most parents would not be welcoming to this policy. And that is probably why the district has brazenly instructed its employees not to tell parents about the student’s choice.

If you will remember, many of us said the worst part of the Fort Worth ISD policy was the portion that said certain information should be kept from parents. It is this paternalistic “we know better than the parents” attitude that gets folks really upset.

Thank goodness for groups like Stand for Fort Worth that are actively working to make a difference in their school district. Remember, these policies and poor decisions can only happen through the actions of a board or superintendent. The board is elected and the board hires the superintendent. Therefore, by controlling the board of education, the citizenry controls the decisions. If you are frustrated or upset about what is taking place in your school district, get involved and make the change you want to see.

And again, ironically, if school choice comes to Texas this year, public schools will have themselves to thank. (or blame?)


This article was reprinted, with permission, from the author’s Facebook page.

Matt Krause

Matt Krause is the state representative for House District 93. Matt feels that Tarrant County embodies all the values, beliefs, and traditions that make Texas the greatest state in the United States. He looks forward to taking his hard work ethic, discipline, and good old-fashioned Texas values to Austin to make Texas families stronger, happier, and more secure in their property, jobs, and God-given rights.