In August of 2018 a grassroots coalition headed up by Direct Action Texas, Grassroots America, and We the People released shocking information about Texas’ voter rolls. Out of the 14.1 million registered voters in Texas, 280,000 noncitizens (holding Green Cards) are registered to vote, and another 4 million registered voters don’t match the Texas Department of Public Safety database. According to DAT, state government analysts have compared the Texas voter rolls with Secretary of State and Texas DPS; however, they don’t verify citizenship.

Who are these other 4 million people and, most importantly, are they citizens? As DAT stated, “Texans deserve to know” — but we don’t.

Here in Texas, when people register to vote we base it off an “honor system.” Applicants merely check a box and nothing is done to vet the rolls to correct any discrepancies or remove noncitizens. That’s right, no documentation other than a checkmark is required, nor does a deputy registrar have the right to question any further.

The six weeks before early voting began, alarmed citizens held meetings in Austin to ask for the voter list to be fully vetted before early voting. Questionable voters would be allowed to vote with a provisional ballot to prove their citizenship and allow their ballot to count. Representatives of the secretary of state’s office, attorney general’s office, and Governor Abbott’s office participated but reached no consensus for a plan.

With the caravan approaching our South Texas border, among the already thousands that enter through the “catch-and-release” program, the Democratic Party is feeding off these new individuals to vote in the 2020 election with their amnesty and “open borders” agenda, especially if there’s no verification process.

This is how elections are stolen.

Hopefully, the 280,000 noncitizens who voted in 2016 don’t reappear and vote in this election and change the body of our state’s legislature.

Being that I am a Constitutional Conservative, our concern is focused not on their voting preference but if they are actually tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. They are voting for our future; we should know who they are. This needs to be a priority in the 2019 Texas legislative session.

Our Republicans in office need to follow through and purge the voter rolls. But will it be too late?

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James Barnes

James is co-owner of Campaign Engineering Strategies.


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