It’s been nearly two years since Texas State Rep. Frederick Frazier was first investigated for multiple crimes targeting my campaign. Eventually, the truth came out in court on December 5, 2023, but not before he did incredible damage to himself, the office of a public figure, and that of a law enforcement officer using hundreds of thousands of dollars in mailers to lead voters to believe I was making up the criminal offenses. He went further to tell voters I did not serve in the military and then attacked me for being a disabled veteran—the audacity of someone who never served.

This is the George Santos moment for Texas. It’s time for the Texas House to unite as Democrats and Republicans and expel Frazier. He will not resign on his own. His narcissism and lack of empathy are all too common in the minds of criminals. I was a state parole board commissioner and determined parole for thousands of convicts. Frazier demonstrates the same dangerous mindset I witnessed in some of the most sophisticated criminals that grow bolder each time they get away with a crime.

Hours after Mr. Frazier was convicted of his crimes, the Dallas Police Department stated that Mr. Frazier would retire instead of possible termination. He will receive a dishonorable discharge, and last year, he was placed on the Brady List—where disgraced cops are listed because they are no longer considered credible when presenting testimony at a criminal trial.

After his conviction in court, Mr. Frazier showed no empathy or remorse. Instead, he sent out a press release blaming the victim, only cementing his legacy and acting like a criminal.

That said, I would like to thank the Texas Rangers for their incredible investigation and uncovering multiple crimes, which the public will soon be able to see on video.

It’s important to understand that Mr. Frazier was not alone. He has accomplices, including the Murphy Nasica Consulting firm and the Associated Republicans of Texas. They, along with Frazier, sent out countless mailers, labeling me a liar during my race against Frazier. They, too, failed to retract or apologize, which is a symptom of today’s problems with elections. Hey, Republicans, if we care so much about “election integrity,” how about we start to care as much about “candidate integrity”?

This brings me to Governor Abbott, who recently endorsed Frazier despite all of this. Mr. Governor, I call upon you to rescind your endorsement. I also call upon the law-abiding police associations to do the same. Integrity must prevail.

I am reminded of a quote from Josh Buice, a pastor who stated, “Since a good name and a person’s good reputation is such a valuable thing that can be ruined through slanderous lips, God considers it evil, and He hates it. According to James 3:15-16, the practice of slander is demonic. People who engage in slandering other people are being led by demons—not the Spirit of God.”

I am not running against Frazier; instead, I am supporting his two challengers, and I encourage them to work together to defeat Frazier. I am launching the Texas Integrity Political Action Committee because citizens have lost trust in our elected officials. We need more Eliot Ness’ to take on the many Al Capones, like Frazier. Otherwise, we become no different than politics in a third-world country where dirty cops and politicians rule the land. The Texas we love deserves our best to lead us, and we must demand it for our children’s sake, leading by example with integrity.

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Paul Chabot

Paul Chabot is a Retired Navy Commander and Founder of the Texas Integrity Political Action Committee.