I must admit I’d never expected to be mesmerized by the grand waste of my money that was the Ken Paxton impeachment extravaganza. Furthermore, I’m not proud to say that I hadn’t really been paying that much attention to the ministrations of Texas politics recently, given the daily conflagrations on the national stage. 

But then Tony Buzbee stepped up to the mic and delivered a masterclass on how to dismember and dispose of the rotting, meatless fish of a case that was dumped in the once proud senate chambers. The only thing that exceeded its entertainment value was its instructiveness on the destructiveness that passes as business as usual in the Texas House of Representatives. 

By the end of his closing statement, he’d done the impossible–this dude made me like an attorney. Man-crush aside, my admiration of his skills was soon overcome by desperation in thinking about what really goes on in the Texas House. My own “representative,” Glenn Rogers, had, along with a significant number of other house Uni-party types voted “aye” to the articles of impeachment that Mr. Buzbee had just run down the garbage disposal.

Who’s hungry for a bit more of that?

Moreover, who’s hungry for a bunch of Republicans who’d vote with Democrats on anything? These are not the days of reaching across the aisle unless it’s to perform a WWE body-slam move. And just like professional wrestling, we now know that all that Republican big talk on the home-front is forgotten once they’re back in Austin and going through the motions and following the scripts their bosses have written out for them. And those bosses ain’t you or me. 

Kowtowing to the “leadership” of the likes of Dade Phelan to get that plumb committee appointment is an appointment with the devil and Mr. Buzbee just fed them a big steaming bowl of deviled ham past its “use-by” date. 

Every one of those Republican “ayes” in the Texas House needs to be scouted like feral hogs on the other side of the fence. They never stop. And at a time when they could have been raising hell about the border, they raised their hands in a kumbaya fest with their besties from Demo-land. 

Oh, but hey, they did give you something. I mean, technically speaking, the finger is something, isn’t it?

Good news is their lying ayes have been found out courtesy of Mr. Buzbee and a bunch of other good folks. 

So there is hope. It’s not all bad. We know now the truth about the Texas House. And thanks to their ayes, it’s us who now see clearly what’s been going on. 

It bears watching. 

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Mike Renfro

Mike Renfro is an author, former NPR commentator (seriously!) and 39-year veteran of the marketing and advertising industry. He writes from a fire lookout tower high above the Brazos in Palo Pinto County.