Imagine a single question on a ballot that has the power to reawaken a dormant electorate and reshape Texas politics as we know it. That question is not hypothetical; it’s the focus of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s latest initiative, the TEXIT Petition. Slated for the 2024 primary ballot, this advisory referendum asks, “Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” While not legally binding, the political ramifications of this question could be nothing short of revolutionary.

Hot-button issues may come and go, but the question of a state’s independence has the unique power to reawaken an electorate that has long given up on any substantive change coming from the ballot box. If you’re undecided on the TEXIT issue but frustrated with the political establishment and the dismal failures and unresponsiveness of our legislative bodies, this is your chance for sweeping change. 

Before diving deeper into the numbers, it’s essential to introduce Dr. Matt Qvortrup, an internationally recognized expert on independence referendums. His extensive research and publications have made him a go-to authority on the subject. According to Dr. Qvortrup, the average voter turnout for independence referendums globally is 85%. While the TEXIT question is advisory and may not reach this high mark, it could easily double the usual voter turnout in Texas primaries, thereby sending a clear message to our elected officials.

Even if we take a conservative estimate and say that the TEXIT question merely doubles the usual 11.37% voter turnout seen in the 2022 Republican Primary, we’re still talking about a significant increase in voter participation. This would translate to nearly 4 million voters, compared to the 1.95 million who turned out in 2022. Such a surge would provide a mandate unseen in Texas politics.

Imagine a flood of voters, motivated by the TEXIT question, showing up at the polls. This isn’t a mere blip on the political radar; it’s a seismic event with the potential to sweep away political barriers. Incumbents who have been dismissive or even antagonistic toward Texas independence could find themselves at odds with a newly invigorated electorate.

There’s no precedent, no playbook, and no Plan B. The old rules of engagement will have been thrown out the window, replaced by a new political landscape shaped by a single, powerful question.

Public opinion further amplifies the potential impact of the TEXIT question. A 2022 SurveyUSA poll showed that 76% of Republicans and 52% of independents in Texas support the idea of independence. These aren’t just numbers; the ‘sleeping giants’ of Texas politics—those independents and “general election Republicans” who usually sit out the primaries—now have a compelling reason to participate.

If pro-TEXIT candidates can ride this wave, we could usher in a new era of governance—one that prioritizes state rights, challenges federal overreach, and opens up a national dialogue on the role of states in a federal system.

The TEXIT question is not just a box to tick; it’s a commitment to the future of Texas. By signing the petition and voting in the 2024 primaries, you can be part of history. While the vote may not be legally binding, it will send a message so loud, so clear, and so unified that it can’t be ignored or trivialized. This is our moment. Let’s seize it, make our voices heard, and change the future of politics.

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Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement.


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