Never heard of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District? Your water bill has. The subject of this report, the LSGCD, controls the sources and supplies of water here and parcels it out to monopolistic entities throughout Montgomery County.

The San Jacinto River Authority and other water providers in Montgomery County are all subject to supply restrictions imposed by the LSGCD under the guise of “conservation.” For example, The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency buys from SJRA and in turn, sells water to the Municipal Utility Districts that serve The Woodlands. All water providers in Montgomery County are affected by the same “conservation” machinations of the LSGCD.

This opens the taps so that the money from our leaking bank accounts flows from our county water providers into a convoluted system made possible via LSGCD, a board that SJRA maintains controlling influence over. And, it’s all the same water. Make sense? NO! The entity that controls the water is beholden to the group that sells our water?

New Texas State legislation allows us to vote for the LSGCD board so that we can clean house with a board of citizens and residents from groups like Restore Affordable Water (RAW) who are dedicated to reducing water costs for everyone. We can stop the overregulation and overpricing of groundwater by filling the polling places with voters to elect candidates who will restore our access to affordable water.

One drop may not make a difference. But a flood of voters can bring back affordable water.

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Paul Lazzaro

Paul Lazzaro is the founder of Residents’ Advocate, an organization that seeks to give citizens in The Woodlands a greater voice in their government. Before his retirement, he was the vice-president of marketing for The Woodlands Operating Company, and is responsible for naming a substantial number of the trademarks and landmarks in the community.