The majority of Republicans in the Texas House joined with Democrats in voting to explore adding a “mileage tax” to Texans‘ burden. They hope the tax could collect an additional $10 billion annually from Texas taxpayers.

Yesterday, we asked readers if Texas should impose a mileage tax

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I was considering an involved explanation as to why I am opposed but then just thought NO.  HELL NO.” – Garry Ludwig
“I am highly offended by even the thought of being taxed per mile. Our legislatures are failing us. They are living in an alternate universe.  Time to vote all of them out.  On further thought, we could put a lot of money back in the coffers if all of the legislators’ ‘pensions’ were defunded and transferred to the highway fund. That ought to go a long way to building the roads they want!” – Meg Comstock
“NO!  No more taxes! What kind of hubris has reared its ugly head, in a session where there is a $32 billion surplus, to find a new way to tax?  How can these morons possibly suggest there isn’t enough revenue?  In days gone by, such hubris was rewarded with tar and feathers and a trip out of town on a rail.” – Roger Taylor
“How about we tax them for stupidity? That should generate a couple of million dollars!” – Hamila Hobson
“Instead of wasting time figuring how to tax the people they represent, why don’t our legislators spend their time figuring out to cut spending.” – Alan Smith
“Come on people, let’s stop trying to bring California mentality to Texas!” – Bernadine Peters
“Over-taxation is what started America. Evidently, some Texas REPs believe like every DEMs – they can’t get enough of our money.” Jeffrey Mayer
“Why should we fight to keep Texas ‘ red” when the Republicans keep ceding control to the Democrats!?” – Cindy Hess
“WHY THE HELL NOT? But why stop there? Let’s have a ‘BIRTH’ tax, a ‘LIVING’ tax, and a ‘DEATH’ tax. And how about a ‘WEALTH’ tax and a ‘POOR’ tax.  And for the crème de la crème we could have a ‘TAX’ tax.  And while we’re at it, let’s change the name of our state from ‘TEXAS’ to ‘TAXES’ so it more closely represents what it has become!” – Bill Park
“A mileage tax should only apply to those who drive electric vehicles, as they contribute zero gas tax dollars to your road maintenance and construction.” – Bruce Porter
“This ‘ain’t California’ and when it begins to look the same, prepare to exit.” – Lisa Buck
“No more taxes on gasoline-powered vehicles. Charge all Electric vehicles with mileage driven. Plus, all bicycles should have to pay for a yearly permit to ride on state/federal highways. If motor vehicles have to ‘share the road’ with bicycle riders, they should ‘share the cost.’” – Marcus Kaspar
“Read my lips: NO new taxes.” – Ron Farren
“They can’t get anything worthwhile done for Texas and we’re fed up!  Taking notes for the next election!” – Donna de Socarraz
“Talk about an unfair tax! How are they planning on taxing people who would be driving on Texas roads who don’t pay taxes in Texas?” – Danny Lee
“Tax our mileage? This is absolutely outrageous to propose such a tax of any kind when they are reaping billions of dollars in surplus and have trouble returning it to my pocket with property tax relief. Our legislature is out of control and apparently can’t ‘read the room.’ We need a complete clean out of the State House with their tax policies and their weird ideas of mutilating kids as being no big deal.” – Glen Hartman
“We already have a tax on gasoline. Just put a tax on electric recharging stations, then you don’t have to worry about how you are going to measure mileage driven.” – Jerry Harben
“The only milage tax that should be considered would be for the total electric vehicles to replace the gas tax not collected.” – Charles Lueg

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