By every measure, the situation at the southern border is getting worse. The Biden administration is opposing state-based efforts to block illegal aliens from entering the country.

Yesterday, we asked what readers think of Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent handling of the crisis at the border.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I chose ‘approve’ because ‘meh’ wasn’t an option. Overall, I’m not impressed with Abbott’s handling of anything in the past 4 years. He talks a good talk, but the actions (or lack thereof) speak louder.” – Cindy Armstrong
“I approve, but much more needs to be done to thwart this invasion.” – Jack Campbell 
“I am very proud of Abbott and happy that at least with this, he is defending us and trying to protect us.” – Katherine Hernandez
“It’s tragic that Gov.Abbott did not do a lot more a lot sooner.” – Angela Hairston
“If the Feds won’t do their job, then governors should do the Fed’s job for them. I like that he is spreading the wealth around to other states, especially those that claimed there was no problem.” – Gregory Reinhart
“What took Governor Abbott so long to act?” – Helen Herd
“Abbott was elected to close the border by all means necessary. It’s Obama 2.0 that is trying to stop it.” – Greg Meissner
“I approve of his RECENT handling of our border invasion; it sure took him long enough. Typical politician, leave things until the last minute before taking actions that would have been easier from the beginning.” – Mary Casper
“I approve of what the governor is doing at the border, but I fear this is a case of him doing what he thinks he has to do to be reelected.” – Patricia Forsythe
“I approve of the ‘small’ steps he has taken, but he should SHUT the border down completely to truly protect the citizens he represents.” – Patrick Devine
“I disapprove of Abbott because he should have been doing more to secure our border this entire time!! All he’s doing now is pandering for more votes ahead of election season! He’s allowed the Biden regime to ruin my beautiful state of Texas, and I won’t forget it!” – Dara Richardson
“While I agree the governor is on the right track, I want to see plane loads of illegals sent back to where they came from. The idea anyone can walk across our border with impunity is ridiculous.” – Lloyd Smith
“Approve, but it’s his (our) obligation to do more.” – Frances Davis
“Abbott’s efforts do not go far enough.” – Eric Osterhout
“Abbott needs to declare an invasion and use all available resources to secure our border. His hesitancy to do that is troubling.” – Mary Matthews
“I approve of the fact the Governor is something, but he can and should do MUCH more. Although it isn’t a ‘silver bullet,’ declaring an invasion would help…” – Roger Taylor
“Gov Abbott talks a lot about border security, and a lot of money is appropriated for securing the border, but nothing ever changes. … No one is ever sent back across the river! The Governor has the power and authority to stop the invasion, but he refuses to actually do it.” – Fran Rhodes
“RECENT is the correct word to describe Gov. Abbott’s actions. It is time to put the Federal government back in their Constitutional box and for states to re-assert their sovereignty.” – Betty Bailey-Lucas
“I think Abbott is doing too little too late. Should be deporting them.” – Loretta Hammond
“It is the duty of our federal government to protect our borders and to repel any invasion. The federal government has failed at that duty. Texas has every right to protect itself because of that failure. I say that Gov. Abbott’s actions are a good start.” – David Barton
“Abbott’s actions are too little, too late. All of the money he has spent flying and busing illegal aliens to Democrat-led cities could have been used to complete and guard the wall President Trump started building.” – Julie Marlow
“Gov. Abbott has stepped up where Biden will not. The main issue I have with Abbott’s actions on the border are that he has yet to declare an invasion and he waited too long to close down illegal entry.” – Tom Parsons
“Governor Abbott is not doing enough to secure our Texas border.” – Mari Cornelius
“The country is being flooded with illegal aliens, and Gov. Abbott is at least trying to do something to stem the flow.” – Charles Busbey
“I personally hate that he has aided and abetted the Biden Administration by bussing mass number of illegals further into the interior of the country.” – Cathy Hess
“Inadequate, but at least he is finally doing something.” – Patricia Vanderveen
“I voted ‘approve,’ but it is still not enough, thanks to Biden and Mayorkas. The border patrol is little more than travel agents at this time due to this administration’s policies. I understand the state can only do so much because of intertwining federal and state laws, but every available tool must be utilized to stop this invasion.” – Eric Knutson
“I approve of Abbott’s methods to try and stop border crossings, but he should have taken the initiative a long time ago.” – Lillian Sheriff
“He’s just three years LATE. But I guess, ‘Better late than never.’” – Jeff Hyde
“While I approve of the current move of Governor Abbott in Shelby Park—why did it take him so long? We have been invaded for three years now and every move Abbott has made seems to have been little more than a photo op.  All breathless bluster on the part of Abbott and no substance.” – Evelyn Montalvo
“All these efforts are a ‘day late and a dollar short.’ Abbott should have begun this ‘war’ three years ago when the ‘invasion’ began.” – Darrell Reichel
“I think Texas should shut down and CLOSE its entire southern border. I approve Greg Abbott’s actions. He just has not gone far enough with it yet.” – Nancy Wood
“If you look at other 49 states that are non-participants in preventing this INVASION, practically ANYTHING that Texas does should be considered a heroic stand to save our nation!” – John R. Makow
“I wish Gov Abbott had done more and sooner! The damage has been done, and I don’t think we’ll ever recover.” – Kaye Jameson
“Instead of sending the illegal invaders to other states or putting them in jail, he should send them back to Mexico to their Governor’s residence.” – Gary Hunt
“I both approve and disapprove. At least Gov. Abbott is trying to do something to stop this invasion. However, I do believe a more aggressive approach could be legally taken.” – Sandi Stephens
“While I think that Greg Abbott has done more to enforce our border in the last year, he’s been asleep at the wheel for the last several years. His overall performance has been dismal.” – Steve Price
“Abbott isn’t doing enough to secure the border. He has never done enough.” – Eleanor Bigbie
“Gov. Abbott seems to only get involved in the border crisis when it makes him look good politically.” – Bob Cain
“Say what you want about Abbott, but he’s my man when it comes to the border problem.” – Eleanor Edmondson
“Approve of Abbott’s handling the border? It’s only three years too late.” – Mark Bigley
“I am not an Abbott fan. Just wish he had taken this action long before now. It’s really too late.” – Cindy Middleton
“Although I answered ‘Approve,’ I think Abbott dragged his feet and should have done the razor wire, etc, as soon as Biden canceled the wall.” – Michael Miller
“Gov. Abbott is doing something, but I feel he can do more AND should have done more sooner! Don’t cave to the current administration!” – Cindy Kelley

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