A new report reveals that Texas A&M’s deal with the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Qatar seems to undermine U.S. national security. Previously undisclosed funding flowing into Texas A&M has resulted in full Qatari ownership of more than 500 research projects, “some of which are in highly sensitive fields such as nuclear science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, biotech robotics, and weapons development.” The president of Texas A&M has denied Qatar has access to the school’s nuclear research.

Yesterday, we asked readers if Gov. Greg Abbott should instruct the A&M regents to nullify the contract.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Nullifying the contract would be a start. What other Texas universities and colleges have these types of contracts with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Chinese Communist Party?” – Mary Casper
“I am hesitant to use the force of government to interfere with a contract that was lawfully enacted.  However, given the sensitive nature of things, it is not unreasonable to ask for a review of what things Qatar has access to as it pertains to national security.  Any severance of that contract should be based on facts and should show actual national security concerns as to why it should be broken.” – Randall Woodman
“We are not obligated to honor treasonous agreements, whether legal or not.” – Glenda Piacenti
“Like sheep to the slaughter go we.” – Rosslyn Blake
“I am sure this contract has a termination clause for either party. Governor Abbott should instruct A&M to exercise this clause with immediate effect. No delay. This is urgent.” – Jeff Harrison
“Considering the LEFT turn A&M has taken over the past several years, one would be justified in questioning motives and goals associated with this partnership.  In my humble opinion.” – D.R. Alarcon
“At the least an outside audit should be conducted with the ISGAP article in mind, and then follow the trail.” – Allen Cain
“It has always surprised me that Texas A&M would only have exactly ONE branch located outside the great state of Texas…and that it would be located in Qatar, of all places!” – Dana Krasinski
“Our colleges and universities have lost their way and think they are above the law.” – Carroll Knight
“Texas Universities are ignoring the law and doing all they can to finish the fundamental transformation of the United States.  We should end all taxpayer funding from all universities that continue these practices.” – Alan Higginbotham
“If something is a security threat to the citizen city, town, state, or nation – why would it not be nullified?” – CJ Burrows
“Why do we continue to fund things that lead to our destruction? Federal funds still flow to these anti-American training camps. Funds still pay lobbyists to work against the taxpayers. When are we going to learn?” – Steve Crevier
“The greed shown by many private and public institutions with no regard to the security of this country is appalling. Texas Public Universities should have stringent oversight that prevents them from putting dollars before state and national security.” – Pamela Millisor
“It would be nice if the Universities would work to help and support Americans in their research. The high price of education has dumbed down the students that they send the best research initiatives to foreign students to use said research against Americans. Shameful!” – Danny Thompson
“It’s now well past time we defund the anti-American, pro-terrorist publicly funded universities in the state of Texas. If we do not take the hard line here, we will most assuredly suffer the consequences in the near future.” – Ken Bintliff
“Oh, what a tangled web the so-called ‘higher institutions of learning’ weave. It’s no wonder these college kids have all sorts of idiotic ideas when colleges are in cahoots with governments such as Qutar, China, and who knows who else. Our public funding should be pulled from all of these communist breeding grounds.” – Eric Knutson
“Texas universities should not be receiving money from any non-Texas entities, especially Middle Eastern countries, but also including Washington, DC.”  – Chris Breaux

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