The Biden administration has launched a center designed to help bureaucrats undermine Americans’ Second Amendment rights through “red flag” style laws and actions.

Yesterday, we asked readers how they thought Texas should respond.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Any laws or ‘centers’ proposed to subvert Texans’ rights for gun ownership must be challenged IN COURT and dismissed as unconstitutional. … This illicit administration will do anything to strip away the Right of gun ownership, and Texas must stand strong to preserve it in its entirety! We even have a flag that displays our Right, ‘Come and Take It!’” – Michael Edinburgh
“And who can forget that our very our Texas Senator, John Cornyn, helped to author the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act? Traitor. The government needs to keep their hands off our guns.” – Dana Krasinski
“Once the anti-American forces succeed in destroying the Second Amendment, the rest of the Constitution will be NULL AND VOID!” – John R. Makow
“It’s imperative that we disarm the most dangerous people in our country, but not with this sinister, unconstitutional ‘center,’ rather by unseating every Democrat at every level of every government and firing every deep state Marxist at every three-letter agency. Then the most dangerous criminals will be unable to continue to harm citizens using the deadly weapons of unlimited tax dollars and unchecked powers.” – Elissa Harrell
“They sure do hate due process when it applies to their pet causes.” – Bruce Delater
“Any action that deviates from the Fifth Amendment guarantee of due process is completely unacceptable.” – David Crites
“I believe that every American who has not committed a crime using a gun should be able to buy and keep guns without fear of reprisal. We want productive citizens to have guns and the criminals not to have guns. Just common sense.” – Virginia Platt
“Why is everyone acting so surprised and upset? Wake up. We are under the control of a Communist dictatorship.” – Coach Hobbs
“Texas needs to do more when it comes to defending citizens’ rights to self-defense and the 2nd amendment.” – Landon Capozzi
“Biden is raging war against Texas…Enough is enough!” – Brenda Schwartz
“It’s not just our Second Amendment rights at stake here. This new waste of tax dollars is another of the cancerous growth the federal government has. Texas must stand for its citizens first, especially in the face of such overreach.” – Chris Cyr
“Secede. Time for a divorce from lunacy.” – Corey Mayo
“This agency was brought to you by the vote of Sen. John Cornyn. Thanks RINO. Texans need to vote him out.” – Herbert Richards
“The federal government is the greatest enemy of the U.S. Constitution, and the center to advance red-flag laws is just another example of the Biden Administration attacking our constitutional rights.” – Roger White
“We have an overabundance of people judging others’ motives without red-flagging every single choice we make every single day.  If I choose to skip breakfast, does that make me unstable? The Lord will make His will known, rest assured.” – Laura Nunn

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