In the Texas Minute for Tuesday, July 19, readers were asked about the concerns raised by U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, M.D. (R-Texas) about President Joe Biden’s mental state.

We asked if readers thought Joe Biden is mentally fit to continue serving as President of the United States.

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Here are some of the replies…

“Not only is Biden unfit, he’s the biggest joke ever played on the people of America.” – Barbara Campbell

“While Biden may be mentally unfit, there is one other person who is even more unfit than he is – Kamala! We must be careful for which we wish.” – Rowland Greenwade

“The same partisan question about mental fitness was asked about Donald Trump when he was president. It wasn’t appropriate then and it isn’t appropriate now.” – Jeff Radke

“‘End of quote, repeat the line’ is not something you really want to hear from a competent president.” – Patricia Forsythe

“If a father doesn’t remember talking to his son about million dollar deals from foreign governments, he is mentally unfit.” – Steve Sullivan

“The problem is that if President Biden is declared mentally incompetent, the succession per the 25th Amendment is V.P. Harris followed by Speaker Pelosi.  What a choice!  Dumb, dumber and dumbest anyone?” – Arthur McLean

“I don’t believe Biden is fit to be President but neither are the 2 people in position to take his place.” – Christy Gordon

“The whole situation is pitiful for America and for Joe Biden as well.  We have a man in rapid decline right before our eyes and in front of the world.  Sad all the way around, not to mention dangerous to our own existence.” – Nancy Wood

“I believe Joe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president.  However, I also believe it would be a terrible mistake to remove him because we’d then be saddled with an even worse president.  Best to just hunker down and make sure both are replaced in 2024.” – Ron Thompson

“Joe Biden could hide his own easter eggs.” – John Kough

“I fully believe Biden is unfit to fulfill the obligations of President. That’s more obvious every day.” – Machelle Morris

“Biden is unfit , yet Kamala is unfit as well ,we need another option.” – Brent Shutt

“For those of you who say, ‘But Kamala…’ please remember neither Joe nor Kamala are actually running this shadow-puppet government.” – Tina Bartley

“I don’t know how anyone can watch President Biden on a consistent basis and come to the conclusion that he is mentally fit to be the leader of the free world.” – Kim Brittain

“If Biden is unfit, Republicans need to win control of Congress before Harris becomes president.” – Richard Steenson

“Not only is Biden mentally unfit but also Constitutionally unfit.” – Mark Bigley

“Joe Biden is unfit to serve but any of the Dems in line to serve are also unfit and may be worst tyrants.” – Annette Vandeweken

“Of course he’s unfit. But that’s beside the point. It was a stolen election and he should be tried for treason.” – Tom Smith

“He should never have been installed as President. Bad things happen when elections are stolen!” – Mary Matthews

“Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are Biden’s insurance policies against impeachment.” – Kermit Heaton

“Biden is most certainly unfit to continue as POTUS. The medical staff that continues to clear him should be charged with malpractice, at least. It’s sad to see an elderly man in his condition stumbling and bumbling his way across the international stage.” – William Wallace

“Since Biden is just a puppet and not really in charge, it doesn’t matter except for the fact that he is a total embarrassment to our country.” – Sharon Loveall

“Totally unfit, BUT no impeachment because the alternative is worse. Let the Red Wave come (with fair elections) in November and decapitate their power.” – Wendell Pool

“Does anyone really think he is currently running the country anyway?  He’s a buffoon representing the United States on the world stage.” – Lisa Buck

“While Joe Biden is a total idiot and unfit to serve as President of the United States, so is the next in line. I don’t know which one is worse. And after her, is the worst yet. Quite a conundrum.” – Reed Vestal

“Obviously Biden is mentally unfit, as well as morally and ideologically. But none of those are requirements for installed puppets…” – Reid Davidson

“Even if Biden IS considered mentally competent, he is STILL unfit to be president of the US!” – Martin Kralik

“The problem is that by far the majority of all politicians are ethically and morally unfit.” – Mike Stafford

“We have bumbling, incoherent Biden as president, and babbling, inarticulate Harris as VP. Mentally, I don’t think either of them are fit for office!” – Cathy Blake

“Anyone who spends 40 years in politics is mentally defective.” – Thomas Camardo

“If you think it can’t get worse than Biden, think again. The next in line is Kamala Harris, then Nancy Pelosi.” – Frank Genco

“Of course Joe Biden is unfit to serve. I would love to see him removed from office. The only way it would work would be to start at the back of the line of succession and work our way forward. First – Win the House and replace Nancy Pelosi with a Republican in November. Second – impeach Kamala Harris for incompetence. Third – remove Joe Biden for mental disability.” – Mike Thompson

“The citizens of America deserve a president who is fully functional. It’s imperative to our safety & liberty.” – Mary Philio

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