Yesterday, we asked readers if the Texas Legislature should defund the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” initiatives in Texas’ colleges, universities, and state agencies.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“This attack on values serves no purpose other than to draw divisive lines among Americans and create hatred, intolerance, physical and verbal violence, and abuse.  Perhaps that is the left’s true goal?” – Kathy Fisher
“Tax dollars being squandered is bad enough… funding the enemy is insane.” – Ken Bintliff
“It’s the job of the government to protect its citizens, not discriminate against them on any level nor to promote equal outcomes for everyone. That includes state-funded schools and universities.” – Rick Goncher
“In a system based strictly on merit and with equal opportunity, diversity,  equity, and inclusion take care of themselves.” – Rick Mayforth
“In my humble opinion, everyone should be pulling their children out of government schools until all this CRT, Sex Ed, etc. stuff STOPS! The current education system, run by progressive Marxists, is the Titanic heading toward the iceberg. The only way to save your kid is by mass exodus!” – Dawn Martin
“DEI is really Division, Envy, and Insurrection! It should be put down hard at every level of government and education. It is nothing more than a way to overthrow the democratic principles on which this country was founded.” – Mike Stephenson
“DEI should absolutely be defunded. Race, ethnicity and sexual orientation should have no bearing on whether an individual is hired by an educational institution. That decision should be based on merit.” – Monte Long
“Are the lessons Booker T. Washington taught us to be tossed in the trash? His great wish was for his people to be given opportunities to show the world what they were capable of achieving…..that they be rewarded and recognized for a job well done. Merit was not a dirty word.” – Betty Bailey-Lucas
“Indeed, Texas and all of American schools should be teaching RWA (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) instead of forcing all of this WOKE crap down our throats. “ – John Denison
“DEI is no more than an attempt to institutionalize racial disharmony and hate. Everything it touches becomes a firestorm of controversy.” – Arthur Potter

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