Increasingly, public schools in Texas are allowing resources and instruction time to be spent indoctrinating children into radical sex and gender ideologies. With pornographic books in the libraries, LGBTQ parades through the hallways, and cross-dressing teachers in the classrooms, no one should be surprised that government schools are producing worsening academic results.

Yesterday, we asked readers if state funding should be withdrawn from school districts that allow this behavior. 

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“If schools spent more time teaching the students History, English, and Math rather than an indoctrination in DEI, we would have young people that understand what they are supposed to be doing with their lives and get an education.” – Len Lawrence
“All school districts that push this gender crap to our kids should lose more than just state funding. They should be closed, and their educators should be made to register as pedophiles. This is just sick!” – Sharla Miles
“You are so full of [profanity redacted]!!! Name one indoctrination tactic being used at public schools.the Republicans have been in power for over 30 yrs in Texas, so if you wanna blame this false narrative then blame your own stupid party.” – Velma DeLeon
“How long is it going to take public schools to recognize why the population of Texas is growing and their enrollment is declining? Does anyone think there are less children in the state this year than last? Is it possible the ‘silent majority’ is speaking?” – Robert Gardner
“All schools promoting DEI programs should lose funding.” – Sandi Stephens
“If there a NEVER any consequences for their action, then they will keep repeating it.” – Manuel Blanco
“Children ‘indoctrinated’ in public schools eventually grow up to vote in public elections.” – Jack Boteler
“Parents should take time to do a bit of volunteering in their child’s school. You really get to see and hear what goes on in public schools. If you want in-depth exposure to the curriculum, sign up to be a substitute teacher in the 7th-12th grade classes. It’s eye-opening.” – Robin McCarty
“Throwing money at the problems in schools has not resulted in improvement of said schools. All funding needs to be reevaluated.” – Tara Souther
“Public school classrooms should not be a place where ‘adults’ are allowed to drag in their depraved bedroom antics. These disgusting.” – Randy Miller
“Radical sex theories and gender ideologies have no place in a public taxpayer-supported school.” – Dana Krasinksi
“Why should we, the taxpayers, fund this evil mindset? If schools are not going to teach our children the basic tenets of education, defund them completely!” – Debbie Hills
“If any business owner hires an employee to do one specific task, but the new employee fails to do that task and does whatever else that they want, the business owner would fire that employee immediately.  Since teachers are the ‘employees’ of the taxpayers, taxpayers should ‘fire them.’” – Michael Belsick
“Public Schools need to return to a traditional education based on the liberal arts, classical literature, fine arts, and the history of civilization. It has worked for 2500 years. Out with the social engineering-focused education!” – Debbie Wolgemuth
“I honestly don’t think the public schools are worth the effort to save. They are too far gone with evil infestation on all levels.” – Nancy Wood
“As a former teacher, I know that schools will never change unless they fear losing money. I remember being told that unless I vote for school bond issues, I am not voting for children.” – Glenda Piacenti
“The mission and purpose of schools is to education, not indoctrination.” – Steve Sullivan
“All school districts in Texas are effectively run by the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and by derivation the university system that indoctrinates the administrators through their Masters and Ph.D. programs in ‘Educational Leadership’ and ultimately the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), where all of this woke garbage begins. Therefore, we’d have to defund them all! A more feasible solution would be actual school choice, $15-20K per child with absolutely zero strings attached.“ – Spencer Siino

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