A U.S. Supreme Court case and federal immigration rules say states cannot deport illegal aliens – that is, people who entered the country illegally.

In yesterday’s One Click Survey, readers were asked if – regardless of the federal government’s rules and policies – Texas should deport people who have entered the country illegally.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Someone has to do something about illegals swarming this country and using every available social service that should be for citizens only. This year while writing my check to the IRS I was more enraged than usual.” – Diana Firestone
“Defying the Supreme Court by deporting immigrants to Mexico is a losing game. But Texas should continue to deport illegal immigrants to New York, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts and California. They want them in the country, let them pay the costs.” – Jerry Harben
“What is it about the word ‘illegal’ that people don’t understand?” – Ron Farren
“You have to draw the line somewhere. The federal government is not holding up their end of the constitution, so I guess Texas has to lead the way.” – Jim Stewart
“Deport them to New York, Illinois, and California.” – Blair Cherry
“Like an abused spouse in a relationship, Texas has the right to stand up and defend itself. And to ask for and receive help from friends in that defense. And, to leave that relationship if the abuse continues.” – Karen Breazeale
“Deport the illegals and bill the fed for the expense.” – Bob Poimbeauf
“No, Texas should NOT deport illegal aliens.  Doing so would be doing at our expense what the federal government should be doing.  Instead, every single illegal alien should be immediately transported to Washington DC.  Nothing will ever change unless our elected unrepresentatives are subjected to the same issues that come from open borders that Texans are subjected to.  It’s time to fight fire with fire, not water!” – Bill Parks
“If the Biden regime were enforcing immigration law in the first place that would be one thing. But the administration has opened our borders, and clearly are disregarding laws already on the books. Therefore, Texas has an obligation to protect its citizens when the feds will not. Deport them, or don’t let them in at all. Enough is enough!” – Cheryl Alexander
“Think of it as putting a dent in the democrat voter base, the crime rate, and the taxpayer funded welfare program all in one package!” – Ken Bintliff
“Texas has been experiencing an encouraged invasion since day one of the Biden Administration. DC has no intentions of enforcing any immigration laws. Texas must close the border, build the wall, and deport all illegal invaders. Texit is truly the only real hope.” – David Clark
“If the feds can’t/won’t stop the illegal entry of foreigners then the State of Texas should protect our borders. This should not even be debatable.” – Steve Sullivan
“Texas should deport anyone caught being here illegally. We have laws that allow entry legally and the should be followed. Also, we need to do away with the anchor baby law.” – Sam Bridges
“I have absolutely no faith in the federal government enforcing our immigration laws until we have a regime change in DC.  It falls to us to make sure the citizens of Texas are defended by these invaders that mean nothing but harm to our people.” – Rick Goncher
“My recommendation, set up a tent city on the grounds of the governor’s mansion, and hopefully then adequate attention will be noticed.” – Ken Jenkins
“Texas needs to provide the protection that the Federal government refuses to provide. This should include deportation of illegal aliens, building the border wall, protecting elections, protecting school systems and protecting the health care system from this illegal invasion.” – Thomas Camardo
“Democrats have no issue blatantly violating laws and court decisions that they don’t like. Why shouldn’t Texans do the same? Good for the goose…” – Jason Kerr
“Illegal does NOT mean a sick bird. If the laws are not being enforced at a federal level, then the states have a RIGHT and a DUTY to enforce them.” – Arthur Potter
“I guess I am going to show my naivety here but what is the use of having border patrol and organizations like ICE if you are not going to deport the illegal aliens you apprehend? They should get in line and go through due process to enter legally or be prepared to be treated as foreign invaders during war.  Time for us to quit straddling the fence, let them in or treat them like the invaders they are and make damn sure they stay out.” – Garry Ludwig 

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