The invasion at the southern border is continuing with respite. Yesterday, we asked readers if Texas law enforcement officers should be allowed to deport illegal aliens even without a conviction or court order.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“If you break the law, you go back.” – Mary Clark
“Law enforcement should not only be allowed to deport, they should be required to.” – Mike Wicks
“Your being in the country illegally is the proof required for immediate expulsion.  Law enforcement should  enforce all laws and return illegals to the country from where they entered.” – Pamela Millisor

“We frequently hear cries that ‘no one is above the law’. However, when it comes to illegal immigration, many look the other way.” – Angelika Hoeher

“While law enforcement should be able to detain, it is a federal responsibility to deport illegals.” – Mack McClelland

“I am tired of Gov. Abbott talking about how tough he is on illegal immigration. Since the federal government is circumventing all of our barriers, we should just kick any illegals out.” – Laura Morton
“No, innocent until proven guilty must be a hallmark of who we are as Texans.” – Jim Baxa
“All illegals should either be deported or charged with a crime and jailed.  They should have been prevented from entering America in the first place.  The Biden open border policy is intentional and is destroying our country.” – Gail Hanna

“Once again, the question to ask, ad nauseam, is what part of ‘illegal’ do we not understand? This is criminal trespassing against US sovereignty and a seriously rebellious assault on the laws that are already on the books.” – Randy Miller

“I answered ‘yes’ because ‘duh’ wasn’t available.” – Cindy Armstrong

“Of course, Texas ‘should’ be allowed to deport illegal immigrants, but I believe the Supreme Court has ruled that is a federal responsibility, so any effort for the state to do so will be overruled. It will be better for Texas to put its effort into jailing immigrants who break state laws, such as trespassing, vandalism, theft, drug possession, and slave trafficking.” – Jerry Harben

“At the least, Texas could pass Mandatory E-Verify for Texas.  No one should be hiring illegal aliens.” – Sharon Sapp

“And here all along, I naively thought that was the law and their job: catch the illegal aliens and deport them – not catch them, make them promise to show up in court at a later date and release them.  Silly me.” – Garry Ludwig 

“What good does deporting illegals do when we have a revolving door at the border that lets them back in?  Since many of them claim they want to work, send them to work camps and put them to work building the ‘wall.’  If we’re going to provide them food and shelter, we should get something in return.” – Bill Parks

“Illegal aliens are criminals. They broke into our country. Deport them all. Unfortunately, most Republicans don’t have the stomach to do what needs to be done.” – Catherine Buschold

“Illegal immigration is killing this state and this country. It amazes me that we allow such a flagrant violation of our laws to continue.” – Charles Koenig

“Texas law enforcement officers should be allowed to deport illegal aliens. Period.” – Dana Krasinski

“My father was an immigration inspector on the Canadian border from the 1920s through the 1940s.  He would be rolling in his grave if he knew what is going on now.” – Tom McNamara

“Being here without legal permission is reason enough for removal. It defies logic that we are even having this conversation. That Texas has left its border wide open for three years is as much an indictment on the Austin swamp as it is D.C., because Texas is supposedly run by Rs. For shame, Texas, for shame.” – Elissa Harrell

“Any law-enforcement authority should be able to remove and deport illegals. They have violated the law and have no right to be in this country.” – Sam Bridges 

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