Democrats in the Texas House are once again pushing for illegal aliens to be eligible for driver licenses.

Proponents claim it will improve public safety and give them greater mobility options.

We asked if Texas Minute readers agree with this proposal.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“How are illegals gonna have the requisite documentation to get a DL to begin with?” – David Thomas

“So let me get this right- illegals- people who have committed a crime come to a government office, present themselves, and don’t get arrested? One of our lawmakers want to give them a privilege of citizenship? Crazy.” – Jeffrey A. Mayer

“Are we just ignoring the word ‘illegal’ and what it means?” – Linda Edmondson 

“I voted yes provided they can prove proof of insurance.” – Duane Murray

“This is another attempt to mirror failed policy in California. This is the first step in treating illegal aliens like citizens. Don’t California my Texas!” – Thomas Camardo

“Driver’s license for illegals? How strongly can I word my answer? HELL NO! They are illegal aliens, not migrants or immigrants. They broke the law by entering the country illegally. Why should they be rewarded with a driver’s license? It’s a slippery slope…what would be next, amnesty, voting rights?” – Angelika Hoeher 

“Illegal aliens should be treated respectfully while we escort them back across the border, but that’s it. No privileges or freebies! This idea is simply more Democrat nonsense.” – Roxann Bilger

“They’re here, they should have to obey the laws. DL  should show immigration/citizenship status and of course they should have to have the required insurance. My hunch is they’ll get the license but it’ll be indistinguishable from that of a US citizen.” – Alan Higginbotham

“Giving drivers licenses to illegals; what could possibly go wrong? If they have a ‘driver’s’ license, shouldn’t they have a free car? If they have a free car they will need free car insurance. Of course, they need free gas to along with the free phones, food, education, and healthcare. Or maybe give them a card that identifies them as an illegal immigrant with their court date on it!” – Steve Sullivan

“If the illegal invaders are allowed drivers licenses, they will have a ticket to vote. Just DEPORT them.” – Gary Hunt

“Illegals aliens should be sent back to the country of their origin.” – Mika Ryan

“Any illegal alien that needs a driver license needs to get one from where they came from.  End of discussion.” – Jay Westfall

“Driver’s licenses for illegals? The next thing you have is non-citizens voting! What form of ID do you think most of us use at the polls? Are there ANY benefits left for those of us who belong here?” – Diana Firestone

“Giving illegal aliens Texas Driver’s license because they broke our laws is absurd. They did this in California which led to giving them rights to vote on state issues. The next push will be federal election.” – Landon Capozzi

“I think if illegals are here, they should first become U S citizens, then they could get a drivers license and vote.” – Anne Wells

“Another ‘woke’ policy. Driver’s licenses are used for Voter ID. Illegal aliens shouldn’t be allowed either privilege.” – Michael Bow

“Save the debate on licenses and go ahead and deport them. They are here illegally…” – Zach Dunham

“No! Motor voter laws will allow them to register to vote.” – Steve Jones

“Giving illegal aliens drivers licenses confers legitimacy to their residency in the US. And it would also allow them to vote (motor voter registration) and that is unacceptable.” – Kimery McKaskle

“Yes, we should issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. We should test them to be sure they are safe to drive and at the end of the test we can deport them back to their country of origin.” – David Peters

“The only thing illegal aliens should be issued is a one way ticket back to where they came from.” – Bob Poimbeauf 

“This issuing of drivers license to illegal immigrants is a strategy to envelop illegals into the fabric of our society.  It is the same effort as giving them the right to vote, public money and welfare, educational assistance, and free healthcare. They are trying to ‘normalize’ illegals before the walls go back up. This must be stopped. Can’t blame people for trying to improve their lives but we don’t exist as a country without borders. They must come legally and earn whatever rights are available here.” – Mike Hudgins

“People who are violating the law by being in the U.S. should not get driver’s licenses or any other benefits from the government. They should be deported.” – Jerry Harben

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