With in-person early voting starting on Monday and continuing for the next two weeks, we asked what readers thought of the practice.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received.

“Early voting is convenient, to be sure; but every time we choose convenience, we lose intentionality and that gives way to complacency.” – Ken Bintliff
“I like having the option to vote early, but we don’t need two weeks of early voting; about three days would work. Main thing is keeping elections SECURE!” – Mary Matthews
“Early voting reduces the lines on Election Day and is a worthwhile activity. A far more important issue is complying with election law and following proper procedure. Unless election integrity is practiced by all election workers, elections can be compromised in early voting or on Election Day.” – Tom Camardo
“I would prefer that everyone vote on the same day, but that will only work if there are sufficient voting places and staff to prevent long lines. Otherwise, chaos will rule and too many voters will not wish to participate in the voting process.” – Romeo Riojas
“Early voting simplifies the process that is required at the end of voting, and it also eliminates lines formed by voters.” – Barbara McClure
“I like the early voting. I usually vote early, should anything keep me from voting on Election Day. I just want my vote counted!” – Danny Thompson 
“Though I take advantage of voting early, I would honestly prefer voting on Election Day only.” – Katie Long
“I like the concept of early voting, but one week ought to be sufficient. … Seems to me there is less opportunity for fraud if all vote on the same day.” – Roxann Swenson
“I like early voting for the convenience. … If early voting was to end, I would not shed a tear.” – Zach Dunnam
“I like the option of being able to vote early, however, I think it should be limited. My personal preference would be to have only the weekend and Monday immediately before Election Day for early voting, with no time between EV and ED for shenanigans! I live in Harris County…need I say more?” – Brenda Estis
“People can still vote on Election Day.  But taking away early voting means those who can’t make it to the polls that day lose their vote. How is that fair?” – Jim Pikl
“Only vote on Election Day. It could be made a holiday or something similar. The more days of voting that are allowed, the greater the chance of shenanigans.” – Eric Knutson
“The smaller the window for fraud, the better!” – Kathy Fisher
“There is no conceivable reason for early voting. There has always been absentee voting, which requires an affirmative application and cause to be eligible for. Early voting is solely about the enemy’s ability to manufacture votes after they know what deficit they need to overcome.” – Mike Phillips
“I think it is helpful to have early in-person voting available, but I also feel two weeks is too long a timeframe for it. I would prefer it to be three days or, at most, one week.” – Rick Orr
“The more important question is absentee voting by mail. That is ripe for fraud and creates a disproportionate amount of handling for election officials.” – Richard Steenson
“Early voting should be just one week instead of two. I prefer voting on Election Day, but Congress must make it a national holiday so people who work have the day off to have a chance to vote.” – Greg Burr
“Apparently, standing in a long line to vote is a ‘hassle,’ not a privilege. My concern is that too many would stay home on Election Day if that were the only day to vote.” – Courtney Pessa
“As a retired firefighter/EMT, when I was on shift work, early voting was the only way I could vote. People who insist we should only vote on Election Day have apparently never worked a 24-hour shift!” – Kim Roland
“The reason everyone should vote on Election Day is so much can happen in two weeks to change people’s minds.” – Jeff Lanham
“I like the option of early voting, but for a shorter period.  I usually vote early, but will vote on Election Day this year.” – Meg Comstock
“I’ll never vote early again. I don’t want the enemy to know how many votes they need to cheat by.” – Tonya Trantham
“I do like early voting in order to avoid very long lines on Election Day; however, I am vehemently opposed to mail-in, drop boxes, and drive-by voting that allows the opportunity to CHEAT!” – Judy Henson
“Early voting is a must for a representative republic. If something unforeseen happens to a voter on Election Day (illness, work, accident, etc.), they lose their voice in their government for that cycle. I vote as soon as the early polls open. I want my vote to count.” – Jason Kerr
“We should either make early voting one week, or have everyone vote on Election Day. Two weeks is definitely too long!” – Cindy Highlander

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