Last week saw Tarrant County revoke its “emergency” declarations regarding COVID-19. Almost immediately, State Rep. Brian Harrison (R-Waxahachie) called on Gov. Greg Abbott to end the statewide declaration of a COVID emergency. So we asked if readers agree with Rep. Harrison, and want Gov. Abbott to end Texas’ COVID emergency declaration.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“An emergency isn’t an emergency if it lasts for 1000 days. It is a way of life!” – Ken Marx
“I believe Covid hurt a lot of people, but the response to Covid hurt people too. Any ’emergency’ related to the Chinese attack is long gone. Everything related to it should be long gone as well—except for a full investigation of the fraud involved.” – Karen Breazeale

“Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont are among the bluest of blue states… and they are no longer under a COVID emergency.  What does that say about Texas?” – Erich Wolz

“Health decisions are individuals’ responsibilities. The governor should never have declared the emergency in the first place.” – Carolyn Brent

“As we know now none of the ‘emergency’ processes had any real impact on the China Flu. Ending the extensions would be giving up power. Big government, left or right, will not voluntarily surrender the power over the people.” – Steve Crevier

“There wasn’t an emergency when he first signed it. When more people realize Abbott is actually a Democrat running as a Republican to get elected, we might have a shot of getting him replaced.” – Heather Gill

“The scamdemic known as COVID19 is over. It never needed to be an emergency in Texas or America.” – Cathy Blake 

“I’m going to put this as simply as I know how. When do they start working for WE THE PEOPLE, instead of themselves and the lobbyists?” – Rich Goncher

“Of course, it should have ended months ago. What is maddening is that Abbott has failed to even try to convince Texans as to the reason(s) why he refuses to cancel it.” – William Wallace

“It seems to be a recurring theme that it is obvious what Abbott SHOULD do but he does the opposite! COVID-19 was NEVER an emergency and was nothing more than a government power grab. As the facts continue to emerge, we should be outraged that elected officials and government bureaucrats seized so much unconstitutional power and demand measures be put in place that provide severe consequences for those that abuse the force of government in such a way.” – Roger Taylor

“Abbott doesn’t revoke the COVID-19 emergency because he is no different than any other governor pushing the Democrat agenda beholden to Big Pharma and/or China.” – Debbie Wolgemuth

“There are no signs that we are still in an emergency because of covid. I might consider maintaining the emergency if it facilitates closing the border to Illegal crossings, but that hasn’t happened so far.” – Rick Mayforth

“Abbott should end the Covid emergency today!  We retired here to escape the corrupt politics and cronyism in New Jersey only to learn the best thing about Abbott is that he is not Beto O’Rourke.” – Mika Ryan

“It was and continues to be nothing more than a power grab.” – Steve Sullivan

“Hell, no, we do NOT need to extend the Covid restrictions! They were never needed in the first place!!! It was strictly about control and so many STUPID sheeple went along with the BS for no reason! ‘Follow the science’ only meant listen to some bureaucratic doctor who was fear-mongering!” – Priscilla Love

“The emergency was a sham in order to take away citizen liberties through the illegal action of an Executive Order. If people would study their government, EO’s ONLY apply to the executive branch not the entire general public. For the public to comply it must be through the Legislature, who abdicated.” – Greg Reinhart

“The ONLY COVID EMERGENCY is the Government Induced HEALTH ISSUES now being revealed.” – Jerry Bledsoe

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