Bar and restaurants around the state have been hosting sexually provacative “drag” shows targeting minors. In yesterday’s One Click Survey, we asked if Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar should use his authority to fine businesses that host sexually oriented drag shows targeting children.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received.

“What is the point of having Republicans in office if they do absolutely nothing when they are elected?” – Heather Gill

“It should not matter if these drag shows are targeting children or not, this is still a sex show and needs to be taxed accordingly.” – Greg Reinhart

“Texas is becoming just another of those states who don’t uphold the laws that may be ‘controversial’ or ‘unpopular’ with some. A law is a law. If you don’t like it, work to get it repealed, don’t just ignore it.” – Charlene Roberson

“Not only should he, it should have been done long before this survey.  Maybe it’s time for a new comptroller.” – Garry Ludwig 

“Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar  should absolutely fine these business IF they are targeting children! It’s our job to protect the children. Parents should be fined as well, probably arrested and charged with child endangerment. When are the GOOD GUYS going to put a stop to all this debauchery?!” – Dawn Martin

“Once again we must be very careful around this very slippery slope.  As conservatives, we stand for a small and limited government.” – Roger Taylor

“Yes to fines, however, what ever happened to prosecuting and jailing people who expose minors to pornography?! Schools get by with it, but if I did it the FBI would raid my house and haul me off to jail!” – Cheryl Alexander

“Yes, Hegar needs to fine these businesses that expose children to such perversion. What happened to protecting children from things such as this? Now it’s everywhere you turn. God and prayer is taken out, evil and perversion steps in to take its place.” – Barbara Campbell

“Not only fine them but put them out of business!” – John A Burney

“If these bars are behaving as a sexually oriented business, which they are, and they are benefiting from claiming they are not, which they are, they should be fined. Legislators should be shamed for their inaction on this demonic issue.” – Jakob Malik

“Issuing a fine to a business for an act of Child abuse seems so minimal. They should lose their license and be charged with child abuse because that is what it is.” – Kim Moore

“These businesses should not only be fined but shut down as well.” – Joe Kendrick

“I believe that exposing yourself, or showing pornography to minors is a crime. I don’t see why schools or gay bars should be exempt from the law.” – Thomas Williams

“Glenn Hagar is up for re election everyone should be bombarding his office between now and Election Day.’ – Landon Capozzi

“In my opinion, children should be protected, from all deviants, as the law allows. I believe folks have rights, to be whatever
they, as consenting adults, want to be, in the privacy of their own homes, but they have NO right to foist their beliefs on the rest of society, most especially children.” – Dennis Carty

“It is the law so he should I enforce it with a fine! It is a simple issue!” – George McClure

“One of the primary objectives of the left is destruction of the family as we have always known it.  These drag shows are a great way to accelerate that process.  Glen Hegar is a Pansy.  Pansies are wonderful flowers in colder months, but at the first sign of real Texas heat they just fade away.  We need far less pansies in our state government and a few more grass burrs that thrive on extreme heat.” – Carl Justice

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