The chairman of the Republican Party of Texas has rebuked the GOP-dominated Texas House for what he described as watering down conservative priorities.

Yesterday, we asked readers which chamber of the Texas Legislature they thought had so far been more responsive to conservatives: the House or the Senate.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“My expectations going into the session were very low, but the House even failed to meet that low bar. I’ll give credit for passing some bills to protect children (but then why should we need legislation to protect children in the first place?), but on every other priority – a Big Fail!” – Fran Rhodes

“I had a difficult time choosing which button to click because they both have failed their Conservative base which put them in office. I’m disgusted with the performance of the house this session.” – Wallace Dunn

“The House is a useless bunch… all members need to be replaced with people who want to work to make our state better & get it back on the right track in so many areas before it’s too late!” – Ann Cole

“The House may as well be Democrat majority. Its members paid little, if any, heed to their constituents.” – Ellen Leyrer

“While I clicked on the Senate, in reality, neither chamber was responsive. Most of the legislation passed by the Senate had no chance of passing in the House and they knew it, but it made them look good and allowed them to thump their collective chests and brag ‘look what we did.’ The House was more ’in your face’ about ignoring the will of the people and was responsive only to the lobbyists and special interest groups. Both chambers need to be purged.” – Bill Parks

“I think your survey should include another option… ‘none of the above’!”– Priscilla Love

“Had you given us a choice of ‘neither,’ I would have chosen it.” – Melissa Rowell

“The Texas Senate has certainly done better than the House but that is like saying one child is better than the other because he only made one mess while the other made two or three.” – Roger Taylor

“I don’t understand why Phelan is allowed to continue to be called a Republican – he’s anything but.” – Melynda B. Caudle

“Not happy with the state house or senate. However, my ‘representative’ Matt Shaheen has received my final vote. He voted for Dade Phelan for Speaker and voted for the impeachment of Ken Paxton. If my next choice for District 66 is my current traitor Shaheen or whatever communist runs with the D by their name, I will vote for the Demonrat just to get rid of Shaheen. We will end up with the same crappy leftist legislation and conservatives will not have to shoulder the blame. Hopefully, a real conservative will primary and defeat Shaheen next time around so I don’t have to vote for the official communist (D) party candidate.” – Brett Holman

“Are you kidding me? The only thing the House has been responsive to is all the 5-day weekends they had during the regular session.” – Cindy Armstrong

“Our Texas legislature is broken and works openly against the majority party over and over. The Governor seldom steps in to reprimand or get the House to work for the people. Isn’t that part of his duty to the people? We can not continue on this path.” – Jan Goria

“Honestly, with this survey, you are giving us a choice between bad and worse!” – Sam Sorrell

“The Texas House has been a joke and an embarrassment. Dade Phelan is obviously working with a liberal agenda, which is the opposite of what Republicans and Conservatives have voted for. Democrats committee chairs are driving Texas into a communist state (again Dade Phelan appointed).” – Dianna Allen

“In my opinion the Senate has done all right, considering we are talking about politicians. The House on the other hand is a disgrace to the State of Texas. The RINO stench is horrid and most current members need to be primaried starting with the treacherous Dade Phelan.” – Eric Knutson

“Dade Phelan has used his Democrat Chairs/Allies to block conservative bills as effectively as he possibly could, even more than had he been an openly Far-Left Democrat Politician. No other single Texas Politician has done more to harm Conservative Texans than Dade Phelan with the help of House Republicans.” – Johnny Nail

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