We asked readers how they thought their neighbors voted in the election.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received.

“Whatever the outcome of the election, we need to remember that these elected representatives work for us, and we must always hold them accountable for what they do (or don’t do).  Step up and be engaged!” – Fran Rhodes

“My neighborhood of about 200 homes of mostly Seniors had yard signs that were two to one Republican.” – Jim Macklin

“Many of my neighbors are Texans, born and bred, so, I think they will vote Republican.” – Cathy Blake

“All of our immediate neighbors are Christian & conservative. We have voted! But the work does not stop today on Election Day.” – Michele Ward

“I know one neighbor will vote Democrat (Beto sign in the yard and they are hardline Democrats). Others I know will vote Republican, because we’ve block walked and they vote Republican. Some will not vote. My area and city generally vote heavily on the Republican side; 70% or more. I suspect this year may be more.” – Roger Taylor

“How do I know my neighbors voted Republican? Because they told me they did! This is one small county road you will never see a Beto sign being displayed.” – Barbara Campbell

“I optimistically said ‘Republican.’ I know my friends and peers will have voted Republican, as we are all tired of the policies – and their consequences – of the a$$ party.  I mean, you’re either for Texas or a Democrat…” – Reid Davidson

“I live in the democrat stronghold of the RGV. I said my neighbors voted for the Democrats mainly because they don’t know any better. And, the Republicans need to step up closer to the plate. Democrats are just better organized in the RGV. I’m only one voice, but I speak to at least one young person every day about the sickness brought to Texas by the Democratic Party.” – Lloyd Smith

“The issue is not how my neighbors will vote, but what numbers the precinct/county election administrators reports at the end of the day.” – Charles E. Vickers

“Republican.. but like Biden said.. it’s not who voted but who counts the votes… 2020 was never fixed. I have no faith in the voting system!” – Kim Moore

“I’m here in Bell County … and my sense is many folks around me are simply to fatigued and/or apathetic to get off their respective SOFAs or E-Z chairs to engage. VOTE = Voice: Find it, Use it!” – Rick Briggs

“The surest way to know those who hate Texas is to see a Beto sign in their yard or on their car.” – John Pace, Jr.

“I’ll never understand conservatives who complain about government overreach and yet won’t make an effort to vote against it.  Maybe they think freedom is free.” – Mark Juelg

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